30-day use review: Nanoil hair mask with keratin


Today’s post is going to be about a new hair mask destined to treat damaged hair (which my hair was a month ago). This product has revolutionized my approach to hair care.

I’m talking about: Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask

I’m sure that many of you have a problem with their weak and brittle hair with splitting ends that – to make the situation even worse – started falling out terrifyingly fast. This was exactly what I had to face up to a few weeks ago.

There are many causes of hair getting weak, and they may include: poor hair care habits or complete lack of hair care, malaise caused by a disease/ailment, too frequent hair styling (mainly hot styling), color-treating or bleaching, application of cosmetics that don’t satisfy current hair needs, hair extension procedure and other similar in-salon treatments, hormonal fluctuation and many, many more.

How to fix damaged hair?

The very moment our hair is losing vitality and good health, we must take some steps to restore its beauty and shine before it’s too late.

The best method to do it is by following the customized regeneration plan for damaged hair, which would depend on supplying the fatigued strands with three essential substances: humectants (replenish hair with moisture), emollients (maintain hydration levels) and proteins (rebuild). My tested and proven way that ensures hair regeneration is a protein hair mask.

Which hair mask for damaged hair is in my opinion worth our attention?

Nanoil hair mask with keratin

Size: 300 ml

Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask (because this is the original name of the product) is the best hair mask for damaged hair that I’ve had a chance to use. And there were plenty of hair masks that I used because my hair had been distressed for a few long months.

What makes Nanoil hair mask with keratin so good?

1. INGREDIENTS USED IN NANOIL HAIR MASK – this hair mask is a really well-composed formula with keratin playing the key role. Being a natural building block of hair, keratin is combined here with panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) that is responsible for improving hydration in hair.

One could say that Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask formula is the bare minimum, which means that this hair mask is free from synthetic additives and parabens. This is why you can be sure that you treat the hair only with what is good for it.

2. CONSISTENCY OF NANOIL HAIR MASK – although this hair mask is incredibly effective and the very effects are pretty strong, it’s also a surprisingly light cosmetic that neither weighs hair down nor leaves it clumpy.

How does keratin hair mask work?

The most important though is the way this mask affects hair, which is strictly connected with the two above-mentioned factors: ingredients used and consistency of this hair care product. And again, I have to admit that this keratin hair mask by Nanoil left me pleasantly surprised. It’s designed for weak, damaged and brittle hair with splitting ends. The producer promises that when used regularly, this hair mask:

  • reinforces and rebuilds hair from the inside.
  • prevents splitting ends.
  • limits brittleness and improves resilience.
  • deals with hair thinning.
  • protects strands against damage.
  • takes care of moisturizing, nourishing and keeping hair in good condition.

Naturally, I had to test and check and verify all of this myself. I ordered the original Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask from [www.nanoil.co.uk] and began my hair improvement treatment a month ago. Today I’ll share with you my experience and observations about the results achieved with Nanoil hair mask with keratin. Is it worth buying? Is this mask able to regenerate hair as it’s promised to?

30-day test of Nanoil hair mask with keratin

Let me begin with stating that application of this hair mask is super simple. The producer recommends to use Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask at least once a week, regularly, prior to hair washing. I treated my hair with this mask before every hair washing, which was more or less twice a week and I think that this is a right frequency to start with. Later you can use the hair mask less often.

What are the effects I achieved with Nanoil? They are truly stunning!

  • The first use of Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask – after first application of hair mask and blow drying, my hair became far smoother, more shiny and less frizzy than normally, which in my case is a clearly-to-notice effect.
  • Effects achieved after 1 week of use – another two uses gave me even more because I noticed my hair ends being less rough and “spiky”. Although I saw that the strands became more resilient, the hair kept falling out.
  • Effects achieved after 2 weeks of use – the most dramatic effects were to be observed within the second week of the treatment when my hair won more body and volume (the positive volume because my hair stopped being affected by frizz), it became more bouncy, shiny and most of all my hair appeared to be stronger.
  • Effects achieved after 3 weeks of use – during the third week I could clearly notice that my hair restored its lost potential, became thicker, stronger, smoother and full of shine. Brittle strands and finally split ends sank into oblivion.

Today is a month since I’ve been using Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask and I can strongly confirm that this is the best hair mask for damaged hair. Thanks to this hair care product my strands are now strong, resilient and smooth. Also, I don’t see it falling out so excessively as it used to. My hair isn’t that brittle either.

I need also to add that owing to Nanoil hair mask with keratin I don’t have any problems with daily hair styling. This means that I’m not afraid of drying it with a blow dryer or occasionally using a flat iron because I know that my hair is now protected. I won an ally and support owing to which my hair not only restored its beauty but also will preserve it for longer.


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