5-minutes make-up – How to look your best in the shortest time?

Hey lovelies,

Today, I have fast make-up for you which in my opinion, all of us should know… just in case 🙂 Obviously if you know nothing of make-up and you don’t know how to apply the foundation yet then this make-up is not for you. However, those of you who know a thing or two about make-up will certainly appreciate this quick make-up version. Enjoy!

The perfect make-up – 3 key elements to guarantee the success
Before you start, take a close look at your face and assess 3 aspects:

  1. Skin – is it even or not; are there any hyperpigmentations and imperfections you need to cover up?
  2. Eyes and dark circles under them – do you have those or not?
  3. Eyebrows – are they expressive, do they have a proper outline, or maybe they’re sparse and you need to draw them from scratch?

These are the elements (not as many people think contouring) that decide about make-up quality and whether we look good or not.
For this reason, you need to assess whether your skin is flawless, free from hyperpigmentations, and spots?
Do you have dark circles under eyes; if not, then great – just some put some powder on and you’re done. Take a look at your eyebrows – take a step back from your mirror, just about an arm length, and from this distance look at your eyebrows very closely. Assess whether they are expressive, defined, or should you draw them from the base up? If you already know what to do with your face, let’s get to make-up!


Even when you are in a hurry and you do the quick make-up, do not forget about the skincare. Cleanse the skin, apply a toner, a serum, and undereye cosmetics.

5-minutes make-up step by step


If it’s smooth and free from hyperpigmentations, just apply some BB cream. However, if you have some imperfections or hyperpigmentations, you should have green colored CC cream. Apply it to the face simply by rubbing it in like a regular cream. The next step is the foundation – you most likely have your favorite one at this point so put it on using a beauty blender or a flat top brush. If you have extremely visible imperfections and hyperpigmentations on your skin, then before the foundation use some concealer directly to the affected spots and under-eye area. If you are done with the skin quickly, you can use some blusher and gently apply it to the cheeks. Remember to thoroughly blend the edges of the product.


If you still have not applied any product to the undereye area – now is the time to do it. As well as concealer, you can use green CC cream with special powder dedicated to the skin around eyes and face.


If you have naturally thick and full eyebrows, they will look good even without the make-up – you can just groom them by combing with colorless gel. However, if you have delicate sparse eyebrows and they need the full make-up, you should use a precise eyebrow pencil to draw the individual hairs and to define the shape. Remember that eyebrows cannot be too strongly defined so by the end of the make-up take an eyebrow wand and gently comb out the excess product. Another thing to keep in mind is to put more stress on the lower line of eyebrows – it should be even and strongly separate the eyelid from the eyebrow.

To finish up, put on a transparent powder and mascara. Your 5-minutes make-up is ready. Equip your bag with a nude lipgloss – you will surely find a moment during the day to apply it.


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