Boy Brows. I Borrowed Eyebrows from My Boyfriend!

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Thin, bushy, natural or arched? No way, girls! Brows must look in a different way from now on. If you want to discover latest beauty trends, read on!

Perfectly arched eyebrows

Such brows have been in so far. There are lots of eyebrow shaping and painting tutorials. They must have been ideally shaped; not a single brow could stick out. Achieving such effects takes half of the morning. Want my opinion? I’d prefer to sleep longer than apply eyebrow make-up. Luckily, make-up artists promote new trends that make our lives much easier. What are boy brows?

Boy brows

You can give up on eyebrow pencils, gels and liners… Boy brows – trendy this season (hopefully, next ones) – are messy, look very natural and don’t need any cosmetics. If you don’t know how to shape or fill your brows, no worries! Boy brows aren’t perfectly even. No need to paint them! You can just slightly define them.

How to get boy brows?

Boy brows look like men’s eyebrows. Full and thick; their characteristic is the simple shape. In other words, there are no arched brows that we shaped and defined with beauty products so far. Leave boy brows to Mother Nature – she knows what to do. Let your eyebrows grow naturally. Boy brows take years away and make facial feature softer.

Will you get tempted and go for boy brows? Do you like the idea? 


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