Cheap and multi-purpose natural cosmetics – honey, aloe and oils

I LOVE NATURAL COSMETICS. The ones which I can make at home. The ones which are cheap and with clear composition. Created with what is at hand. Without preservatives, artificial colourants or fragrances. Pure nature only to serve beauty <3

I’m not sure whether I succeed in passing my passion for natural cosmetics on you. Anyway, I’ll try! I’ll begin with showing you my trinity of natural body and hair care substances.

I don’t need expensive cosmetics to look good

My vanity bag is filled up with natural substances. I know it may look that I adopted minimalistic approach to body and hair care. As if I didn’t use any cosmetics because I don’t have any costly cream, a pile of sheet face masks, or hair masks. Let me tell you that this is a fully conscious decision and I’m totally fine with this.

For my day-to-day care I mainly use products that I make myself. They are oil-based and mixed with ingredients that I have currently in the kitchen. And now I want to tell you what cosmetics I prepare the most often!

Three versatile products that I use for my body and hair care


In the first point I’d like to describe all vegetable oils in bulk. I own quite a lot of them therefore I don’t want to talk about each one of them separately. I’ll just explain why I find using vegetable oils beneficial.

To me, each good cosmetic should be oil-based. And the oil should match particular skin needs and its structure. I’m not sure if you know this but even people having oily skin can use oils – it’s just a matter of choosing the right oil that absorbs in skin fast and doesn’t clog skin pores.

I must say this again, oils are the best base ingredient for a cosmetic. It can be enriched with some additional substances to create the finest hair or facial mask. However, oils themselves display many valuable beauty benefits. For example, they improve skin moisturisation by preventing the accumulated water from evaporating.

Moreover, each natural oil has additional properties. There is plenty to choose from because, as far as I’m concerned, there is over one hundred oils that we can use to boost our beauty. The ones which I use the most frequently are:

  • castor oil that lustres and accelerates growth of lashes and hair;
  • argan oil displaying regenerating and heat-protection features;
  • coconut oil that has intermediate hydrating property;
  • almond oil smooths my sensitive skin out;
  • jojoba oil that balances pH of my skin.

Second product that I can’t live without in my daily body and hair care as well as in my kitchen is natural honey. This sweet substance plays a very important role when added to cosmetics – it moisturises dry hair and skin, displays anti-bacterial action, brings relief to chapped skin and accelerates healing up processes of broken skin.

Naturally, you can apply the honey alone directly to skin but due to its sweet and rather sticky texture, it might be hard to remove. Besides, especially when on lips, it may disappear fast (be eaten) so it may not receive enough time to deliver the looked-for effects.

Basically, I use honey as an additive – as an ingredient added to my homemade masks. Thinning it down with either oil or natural yoghurt makes the consistency lighter and improves absorption. When mixed with grains (sugar, sea salt, raspberry seeds), it wins exfoliating properties. I especially recommend homemade lip scrub.


My vanity bag wouldn’t be complete without aloe gel. I’ve got the impression that this substance isn’t so popular with natural cosmetic lovers. Basically, we’re getting fascinated with Asian beauty rituals and aloe gel is the most popular there, so I think that we’ll widely recognize this substance soon.

What are the beauty benefits of aloe gel? It works like a dressing to sensitive and dry skin by bringing relief, cooling it down in a pleasant way and supporting skin self-regenerating processes. Additionally, it moisturises, nourishes and soothes irritations.

I have to admit that I love using aloe gel alone. It’s as fresh as a cucumber toner. It’s absorbed by skin very fast because it’s consistency is very delicate. Skin treated with aloe gel is smooth and well-moisturised.

Naturally, aloe gel can be applied to hair, mixed with homemade cosmetics and applied as a makeup base (instead of oils).


Howdy my beautiful readers! My name is Anastasia and I'm more than happy to welcome you on my beauty blog. Since I love retro style and everything that is connected with it, I do my best to find old school cosmetics that are far from being artificial. Here, I'll share with you my findings to make our body, hair and skin care as natural as possible. Enjoy the reading!

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