Cracked lip corners – how to treat it to heal faster?

Hey! Today’s post won’t be about cosmetics but the ailment that happens to us pretty often no matter the age. It’s possible that you dealt with cracked lip corners as well. How to treat angular cheilitis? Can you prevent it from returning? What should you use on the cracked lip corners? Enjoy my post!

Angular cheilitis – what is it?

It is also called cracked lip corners and it’s quite a tiresome aliment. The most common reason for angular cheilitis is… an infection. Due to fungal or bacterial infection painful, red crusting and breakdown are created in the corner of the lips. It’s what we call cracked lip corners. It’s painful, pulsating, stinging, and unpleasant. Cracked lip corners make speaking and eating more difficult. The cracks may turn into erosion and leave scars. Also, keep in mind that cracked lip corners and cold sore are not the same things.

Cracked lip corners – where do they come from?

The main reason is obviously an infection as I mentioned above. However, apart from that, angular cheilitis can appear due to:

  • exposition to a too low or too high temperature – it leads to dryness and irritation of the lips,
  • low immunity (cracked lip corners often appear before the period or when the immunity is weakened),
  • reflux (yes!),
  • various aliments – angular cheilitis can be a symptom of diabetes, anemia, decay,
  • deficits of vitamins (mostly vitamin C and often vitamins B),
  • pregnancy.

How to treat angular cheilitis? What can actually help?

I know its unoriginal but for cracked lip corners helps best precise almost compulsive hygiene, i.e. brushing your teeth on a regular basis and using a mouth wash. Very often cracked lip corners are caused also due to using common silverware so be careful in your workplace for these items as well as mugs because even if you wash them properly it doesn’t mean that everyone else does the same. Seriously. People still tend to just rinse the silverware instead of washing it properly. It’s important that when angular cheilitis appears you shouldn’t touch it or nibble it.

The cracked lip corners can also be a result of an improper diet so you should make sure that in your meals you have products rich in vitamins and minerals. Eat a lot of spinach and nuts or just take supplements with vitamins c and B.

Some of you may not like it but if you happen to suffer from cracked lip corners, you should limit coffee intake as it washes out minerals and vitamins from the organism and causes deficit of nutrients and that may have a direct impact on angular cheilitis to occur.

How to heal angular cheilitis?

1. Highly efficient is aloe – you can get it in the form of juice or gel in almost every pharmacy. This plant indicated calming action and supports wounds healing that includes cracked lip corners. Rub the aloe juice in the skin changes.

2. Equip yourself in the ointment for angular cheilitis. Make sure it’s rich in ingredients that fortify the wounds healing, i.e.:

  • zinc,
  • vitamins (A, B2, and C),
  • yeast.

3. Zinc ointment. Since we talk zinc, it is quite an affordable and effective medicine. In its composition is zinc oxide, but also vitamins B and A. It indicates antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and protective properties.

4. Yeast for cracked lip corners – can work too because is rich in vitamin B. It can be ingested in the form of a pill or just dissolve it in the water and drink it. It can also improve your skin and hair condition 🙂

5. Ointment with vitamin C for angular cheilitis – can be helpful but it is better to choose cosmetics that contain also other ingredients and active substances or just combine vitamins C and A. Do you have serum with vitamins C and retinol? Great, go ahead and mix them together and put it on the cracked corners!

Let me know if you know any other methods for cracked lip corners… perhaps you have some homemade mix? I heard that castor oil with lemon juice or vitamin C works perfectly 🙂 What do you think?


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