Eyebrow Waxing. How to Do It? Does It Make a Good Choice?

Ideally-shaped and defined eyebrows. Oh! If only we could keep their shape forever… We can’t do it but there are a few methods for brow shaping and I think every girl’s going to find a favourite. You can choose traditional tweezers, laser therapy or waxing. Today, I want to tell you about the last technique. Check if eyebrow waxing makes a good choice 🙂

How to style & shape eyebrows the right way?

Most of all, don’t exaggerate. Removing too many hairs regularly is the worst you could do. This leads to slowly-growing and (in worst cases) thinning brows. Lots of girls have been there, believe me. Then, it’s extremely hard to get their natural shape back. Drawing them with a pencil doesn’t give good effects. That’s why visiting a specialist, e.g. professional beautician, is much better. The beautician decides how many brows to remove not to disturb the symmetry yet achieve the natural shape.

The worst of the worst you can do (it’s common) is remove all brows and draw them, no matter if you use a pencil for a temporary effect or semi-permanent eyebrows done at a salon. Microblading is a way of improving the contour of the natural brows. If we have our natural brows, there’s no point in removing them. Sometimes, small changes are enough to enjoy the right brow shape. Remember about it, girls!

How to do eyebrow waxing? I’ve tested the technique; even though it’s not my favourite, I think it’s worth knowing.


First things first. Brow waxing just seems easy. You must have some skills to do it right. The precision and experience matter a lot. Before doing the treatment at home, I recommend visiting a salon first. First eyebrow waxing treatment should be supervised by a specialist. Why? What does the treatment involve?

Waxing – removing hair with bulbs under and above the brow ridge, which ensures that brows grow back after more or less four weeks.

You might say that tweezers give the same effects and are less problematic. Waxing has an advantage over tweezers. Covering a chosen skin area allows for removing the unwanted hairs and the thick down that’s invisible at first glance.

Eyebrow waxing can be done with:

  •  wax strips,
  • hot liquid wax.

Which one do I recommend? I’ve done waxing just once. I prefer tweezers because they make a cheaper and quicker option. I learned how to mix defining and shaping the brows: I outline the desired shape with a tint and then I remove the unwanted hairs that are outside the line. Next, I wash the tint off and enjoy shaped and defined eyebrows. When it comes to waxing, the treatment comes as follows:

Eyebrow waxing with strips is faster and easier.

  1.  Buy ready-made, drugstore wax strips.
  2. Cut the strips into small and thin stripes.
  3. Heat each one up between your palms.
  4. Stick a stripe to a chosen part of the brow ridge.
  5. Rip the strip off with a quick motion.

Eyebrow shaping with the fluid wax requires more effort and skills:

  1.  Buy fluid wax for hair removal.
  2. Heat the wax up, controlling its temperature (too hot may burn the skin).
  3. Prepare a small spatula or a spoon’s tip.
  4. Spread the wax onto the chosen skin area.
  5. Press a strip over the area.
  6. Pull the strip off quickly.

I don’t recommend waxing when you’re allergic to wax but I guess it’s obvious. Eyebrow waxing is unsuitable for people who face up to skin diseases e.g. psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or just sunburns. Are there more contraindications? Yes, if hairs grow around scars, you must give up waxing. To be honest, I often hear that:


Is this true? There are mixed opinions. Some specialists say that this method is outdated as it doesn’t work for brows. Yes, the wax removes hair in a quick and precise way but you must remember that the skin around the eyes is extremely fragile. Even when it comes to eye creams, you’re advised to gently tap them in, right? Pulling the strip off is likely to irritate the skin and stretch it. This means that the eyelids start drooping after some time whereas the skin loses its elasticity.

Surely, eyebrow waxing has lots of benefits but I wasn’t enchanted by the treatment. You can achieve similar effects using tweezers but the choice is up to you 🙂 🙂


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