[HIT] My skin fell in love with Nanoil hyaluronic face serum!


I’m pretty certain that most of you’ve just thought about a face cream or a natural oil (actually, oils moisturize but indirectly by preventing moisture loss). However, I would say that my fave moisturizer is a lightweight hyaluronic face serum offered by Nanoil. Do you know it?

I received it from my mom who was aware of my problems with complexion and constantly irritated skin. Using this product was a matter of courtesy because I didn’t want to make my mom sad – I wasn’t fully convinced of its ability to replenish my skin with water. How on earth would a product having only four ingredients suppose to help me? I was skeptical but, on the other hand, I don’t like wasting things so I kept applying hyaluronic face serum by Nanoil regularly for over a month and a half.

How surprised I was in the first week when it turned out that this totally inconspicuous face serum is incredibly mighty – it actually hydrate skin! Now I know that in my case daily skin care regimen wouldn’t be possible without this face serum because my skin loves it and feels wonderful when treated with it!

I hope I got your interest and you’re now curious what this cosmetic hit really is. Let me present you Nanoil Hyaluronic Acid 2% Face Serum. Here is a short review so you can learn a couple of useful information about it.

Nanoil face serum – ingredients

Let’s begin with the ingredients because the formula shocked me a little bit (as I mentioned it earlier), but now I see sense in it. What is the point in overburdening face with a load of substances when you can make use of only four essential ingredients?

In the case of this Nanoil face serum, water is the first ingredient listed – and this is the base ingredient, of course. The second and the most important place is taken by 100% hyaluronic acid which is a well-known (to you and me) humectant. The remaining two ingredients are responsible for maintaining the consistency and help the serum penetrate skin in a flash. Only this and as much as that!

I couldn’t find here any parabens, any aromas, any colorants, any silicones and in general I couldn’t find anything that would increase the risk of skin irritation, or cause any adverse reaction. This is a pure and simple composition, therefore I’d recommend Nanoil hyaluronic face serum to everyone, even to those of you who have over-reactive skin.

Nanoil hyaluronic face serum – texture

This serum feels so lightweight. I don’t know if it’s owed to the minimalistic formula or to the hyaluronic acid being the main ingredient. What I know though is that once you apply this serum, it gently embraces skin with a pleasant coat giving you the sensation of softness, smoothness and hydration. What’s even more astonishing, this feeling doesn’t fade away in spite of the fact that the serum needs just a few seconds to get fully absorbed by skin. It starts improving skin in its deepest layers but the positive effects can be seen on the skin surface.

How does Nanoil Hyaluronic Acid 2% work?

Since we’re talking about the effects, I have to add that Nanoil face serum with hyaluronic acid left me surprised – so efficacious it is! It’s expected to hydrate skin and it does it! It’s supposed to soothe irritated skin and this is easy to sense immediately after treating the face with this serum. Amazing!

What about the effects? I’ve been using this Nanoil face serum for some time now and I can tell you that it took it just a few weeks to:

  • clearly improve skin moisture levels
  • reduce the feeling of tight and dry skin
  • minimize irritations and prevent them from reoccurring
  • make skin soft and smooth
  • positively influence skin elasticity
  • reduce fine lines (it has anti-ageing effects)

Step-by-step application of Nanoil face serum

What I love most about it: you don’t have to spend hours to achieve these results. Nanoil face serum with hyaluronic acid works fast and effectively. All you need to do is follow three simple steps and keep repeating them morning and evening.

  1. CLEANSING – wash your face as always and towel it dry.
  2. APPLICATION – pat a small portion of the face serum into your face.
  3. PROTECTION – when it absorbs, follow with a face cream.

To me, you can get used to this 3-step application process easily, especially that the effects are worth the effort. If you want to learn more about Nanoil Hyaluronic Acid 2% Face Serum, go to: www.nanoil.co.uk


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