How to improve the skin condition? My proven (ingenious!) methods

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Do you want to get to know some affordable, proven, and effective methods for perfect skin?
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Methods for flawless skin

1. TONER for flawless skin

Do you even remember what that is darlings? There is this fragranced (or not) liquid that you use to wipe your face with. Every day, morning and evening. Face toner is the way to achieve the perfect skin. The best way. It’s simply put beautiful skin in liquid 🙂 Why? Because toner is the only cosmetic that not only cleanses skin after the use of micellar liquid but also helps the skin to get back to normal, correct pH. Moreover, it prepares skin for the cream or serum and makes both of them absorb better. Toner is a powerful yet simple method to gain flawless skin.

2. MAKE-UP REMOVAL for flawless skin

Well, I know it’s pretty obvious, but still, it’s NOT. Is it that obvious to everyone? Because statistics are terrifying – if the Internet says the truth (but I think it actually looks worse than statistics show it), then 70% of people go to sleep without removing their make-up or after incorrectly performed make-up removal. For this reason, you shouldn’t slack and truly get to the make-up removal. Take the cotton pad and remove thoroughly all the make-up because it is not just about it but also to remove all toxins, dirt, smog, dust, and sebum that gather on the skin during the day. Make-up removal is a very important step. If you do not remove the make-up, it’s like you went to sleep in your clothes… seriously, that is how your face feels like. So, cotton pad in hand! Of course, remember to use a toner afterward.

3. CREAM WITH SPF for flawless skin

The sun feels great… well, that started on the wrong foot. It is obvious that the sun is the source of life and without it, we would be doomed but at the same time, it can be quite devastating and can cause skin diseases and so-called photoaging. That is why you should always protect your face with cream with high SPF – EVEN when there are clouds outside because sun rays are quite mean and can get through the clouds, clothes, windows… but not through the good cream with filter. Get yourself such cream and put it on your clean and post-toner faces. It is a great method for beautiful skin.

4. FACE YOGA for the flawless skin

Face yoga – is that even a thing, you ask? Well, yes indeed it does exist and it is an amazing way for the face to be young and supple when you’re approaching your 40s. Face yoga is focused on the muscles in the face. Your face has a lot of muscles! If you will remember to exercise your face, it will always be young, glowing, and wrinkle-free. I strongly recommend it as it’s only 5-10 minutes a day and the effects are incredible! <3

5. YOGA IN GENERAL 🙂 for perfect body and positive approach towards life

When we exercise, the organism produces the so-called happiness hormone, which is endorphins. Those have a beneficial impact on not only our mood but also the skin appearance – speed up detox and cellular metabolism including in the face cells. For this reason, physical activity is the key to generally understood youth.

6. WATER AND SLEEP for everything!

Simply everyone knows it that drinking water is the secret to health and beauty and the BEST way for flawless skin. You can additionally support it when you get enough sleep. When you sleep your organism regenerates and there occur also processes that happen only when you sleep. It is why night creams have increased amount of valuable ingredients because during the night they get a chance to support the skin in its intense regeneration processes. Get your sleep and hydration because we humans are made of water… I think I got grab myself some water now. Cheers!


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