How to mascara your lashes to make them fabulously long and stunning?

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Are your eyelashes short? Do you want them to improve their appearance a little bit due to mascara? Perhaps you dream bigger than that and you care for making the lashes stunning, extended and thick just like tarantula’s legs? Of course, spider legs never were, are or will be trendy. When it comes to dramatically long, beautiful and romantic lashes, well, this can be worked out. If you want to transform into a vamp woman, a seducer of magnetizing look (do I sound like taken from some mascara commercial?), then let me encourage you to read this entry. Today it’s time for your eyelashes to speak out so others remain speechless. Here is a guide on how to coat your eyelashes with a mascara.

1. Makeup removal is a must

Indeed. It’s basics. Don’t you ever apply mascara to lashes that are still coated with some cosmetic residues. Take your time and make sure that your skin is clean and lashes degreased.

I wouldn’t also recommend you to use oil or any other greasy substance to remove makeup with. Once coated with an oily layer, eyelashes won’t help a mascara adhere well. Therefore, either choose other makeup remover or degrease the eyelid after using it.

2. Give up eyelash curler

I’m serious here, an eyelash curler is a waste of time because if your eyelashes are straight, they will return to their shape sooner or later. Additionally, it’s highly possible that you will break the lashes, damage them and simply harm yourself with this accessory. Leave the eyelash curler behind. Still, if you want to curl your lashes slightly, better choose a mascara that goes with a special lash-curling brush.

3. Get mascara with a high-quality brush

Naturally, that’s important. A good mascara is the basics. Don’t rely on spectacular effects if you reach for just any mascara. Honestly, I think that some mascara products were created just to irritate women, clump their lashes and make their life miserable.

A good mascara is a product that doesn’t only enhance the lashes but also TAKES CARE OF them. Luckily, there are such beauty products available. These were a few months now that I’ve been using Lashcode and consider it as my favorite. My astonishment at the results it produces doesn’t lessen at any degree and when used regularly it really works for eyelashes’ advantage. I mean, I can notice my lashes looking definitely better.

And now another issue: What’s a high-quality brush? Well, no matter what other say, a high-quality brush is made of silicone. Never should you recognize a nylon brush as a good applicator. Only silicone brush is able to pick up the right amount of mascara and leave lashes separated, coating each one of the hair with an even coat of mascara. No clumps. Moreover, a silicone brush doesn’t collect so many flakes of old mascara as a nylon one does. It’s also worth to realize that silicone is the only material that allows the manufacturers to gift the applicator with the exact shape they imagined the brush to have. And this, naturally, translates into precise eyelash makeup. Personally, I find ellipse mascara brushes as the most convenient.

4. Zig-zag

Obviously, begin with the upper lashes by coating them from the roots. Make sure that there isn’t too much of the cosmetic on the applicator. Otherwise, this might leave your eyelashes clumpy. It’s definitely better to pick up less cosmetic which formula is light (yes, there are various levels of mascara density) and then simply add coats to boost the volume.

If you have thick eyelashes, you should stretch your eyelid toward temple with a finger which definitely facilitates you coating the lashes with a mascara. While applying coats, make use of the foolproof trick of 100% effectiveness: it’s a zig-zag motion that starts at the roots and ends at the tips. Also, while coating lashes with a mascara it’s important to spread the product evenly on the entire lash length.

5. Powder the lashes!

Do you need more intensified look? Powder your eyelashes! Obviously, don’t overdo this. Reach for a cotton pad, pick up small quantity of the powder and close your eye. Now, stamp the lashes delicately. The next step is coating this powder build-up with another layer of mascara.

6. Be gentle to your lower lashes

The final step depends on coating lower lashes, which is similar to coating upper lashes, yet I do this gentler. Besides, many girls say that it’s easier for them to place the brush vertically since this allows them to coat even the shortest lashes evenly.

What’s your opinion on my way of lash coating? Do you have your favourite mascara? Leave comments below!


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