How to speed up hair growth? I’ve chosen peppermint oil


If you’ve been trying to grow your hair long for some time now, but you can’t see any effects, then you should give my latest discovery a try. I’m talking about peppermint oil that is known for accelerating hair growth and, apart from that, it displays many other useful and beneficial properties. So, if you’re interested in this type of hair treatment, keep reading my entry. Enjoy!

Peppermint oil for hair growth

Hair starts growing faster if you regularly treat it with mint oil. Actually, there are two types of the oil so you can choose among field mint and peppermint oil. Obviously, better effects are achieved due to peppermint oil. On the other hand, this oil might leave scalp irritated, especially if it’s sensitive or allergic. Naturally, if you want to obtain the desired effects, you should reach for completely natural essential oil, not the fragrance oil. Also, bear in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated therefore they must be used carefully.

How does mint oil affect hair?

Mint oil causes the sensation of warm when applied to body and stimulates blood in scalp. This results in hair bulbs receiving more oxygen and nutrients. This in turn translates into faster hair growth; you can even spot baby hair. Mint oil can be spread on the entire head, or just topically to for example to counteract receding hairline. Other properties of this oil are:

  • relieves headache;
  • helps overcome lethargy and mental fatigue;
  • fights back bacteria;
  • deals with folliclitis (scalp acne);
  • reduces sebum secretion.

How to apply mint oil?

To stimulate hair growth you will need two oils: mint essential oil and carrier oil. Use 2-3 spoons of carrier oil for the same amount of peppermint oil / 5-6 field mint oil. If this is your first time with treating the hair this way, it’s better to run a patch test to find out if you aren’t allergic to this oil. Otherwise, your entire scalp might get reddened and start tingling.

The blend of mint oil and carrier oil has to be rubbed into scalp using fingernails, and to achieve even better results you can use a comb. You can wash the hair with a delicate shampoo after an hour. This hair growth accelerating treatment has to be carried out twice or three times a week. Last but not least, the carrier oil to use might be any oil that is suitable to be applied to scalp and hair, or a blend of such oils.


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