Make-up for brown eyes

Hey, darlings!

Do you have brown eyes? Are you not sure what make-up to choose and what colors suit you? This article is for you!

Yes, I know that looks slightly like discrimination of all the people with ‘other eye colors’, but let me assure you, owners of green, blue, grey, violet (yellow? :P) eyes that soon there will be a post also for you. I start with brown eyes because I sort of feel inspired about them today 😉

Take a look in the mirror. What is the exact color of your eyes hazel, light brown, dark brown, or perhaps dark chocolate? Brown-eyed ladies are the luckiest ones because, in fact, you have full discretion when it comes to choosing the colors you wear. For this reason, you can choose a color accordingly to your outfit and don’t be bothered by which color matches your eyes. The only requirement is for the color shade to go along with the skin tone and you can have cold or warm undertone in your skin.

Women with brown eyes usually have dark eyelashes so black mascara looks the most natural for them. However, if your eyelashes are a bit lighter, then choose a brown mascara. You will find that navy blue, brown, and black eyeliner works for you.

Eyeshadows and skin undertone

As I mentioned above, the skin has different tones (cold and warm). Exactly. It’s important to match your eyes make-up with your skin undertone and your iris tone. If you have fair skin, you should choose bright eyeshadows for your day make-up, e.g. beige, grey. If you have dusky skin, you can be bolder with colors and choose more intense colors, e.g. dark brown, navy blue, or green.

Eyeshadows – types and character

Obviously, you are aware of the fact that there are more types of eyeshadows than just matte or powder eyeshadows. Those can be matte, but also iridescent (those will be better for the evening out), satin, glitter, pearl, in cream, in the stick… How to handle all that? You should start with getting a good make-up palette, such where you will find matte, satin, pearl eyeshadows to make your eyelid glowing. A woman with brown eyes should have shades of brown (bright and dark) in her cosmetic bag, but also grey, beige, creamy, shimmering shades of grey, navy blue but also brilliant for brown eyes shade of green. If you go for intense eyes make-up, leave lips and cheeks subtle.

Make-up for brown eyes – my proposition for the day make-up

1. Always start your make-up with a make-up base. Thanks to it, you can perform great make-up and won’t get to the conclusion halfway in that ‘those eyeshadows are bad’, no pigmentation, they won’t stay on, there is no depth to the color, etc. When you use eyeshadow base, your eyeshadows will be professional, without it that just a nightmare.

My tip! Instead of the make-up base, you can use the INGENIOUS cream eyeshadow, Maybelline Tattoo nude. Apply it with tapping motion using your fingertip.

2. Time for the eyeshadow: apply matte beige or nude eyeshadow. Remember to coat the entire eyelid with it all way up the brow ridge.

3. Now its time for darker eyeshadow. Do you have a color in the shade of coffee milk (or something similar)? You probably do because its a standard for most palettes. Apply it to the eyelid so that it is also on the crease – when it comes to this area be particularly careful to avoid stains. Blend it in the crease and pull the color a little bit upwards. It should be visible on the half of the eyelid and the rest should be blended.

4. It is time for dark brown eyeshadow. If you have a shade in the color of chocolate, apply it to the outer corner of the eye but be gentle. Most of the eyeshadow will be removed with the brush so that it’s nicely blended all the way up the crease – it should take up about 1/3 of the eyelid.

5. A bit of gold or beige eyeshadow apply to the inner eye corner and you can treat eyebrow ridge to it. This trick can optically make eyes bugger and make your look glowing.

6. Carefully apply the dark brown eyeshadow (the one you just used for the outer eye corner) to the lower eyelid right under the eyelashes root line by the outer eye corner. Don’t be afraid to use a soft and fluffy brush to blend it. It will blur the edge and give your eye a smokey look. Remember to spread this eyeshadow towards the inner eye corner – it’s intensity should get thinner to look more natural. Clean the brow ridge using beige eyeshadow under the eyebrow and a bit below to even out the area where blending went too far.

7. To complement your day make-up use some mascara. Apply it to the upper and lower eyelashes with particular attention to the inner eye corners to emphasize the effect. Outline eyebrows with a brown pencil or pomade. That’s it, your day make-up is ready. Remember that dark brown eyeshadow can be replaced with any other color. Good luck!


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