My new incredible eyeshadow palette! Electric Pastels from ‘Love You So Mochi’ series by NYX Cosmetics


A little bit of shine hasn’t made harm to anyone yet. That’s the reason why I decided to buy Electric Pastels from Love You So Mochi series by NYX Cosmetics. I’ve never used such shades before and I can’t wait to apply them for the first time.

Electric Pastels by NYX Cosmetics

The eye shadow palette by NYX Cosmetics houses ten bold colours. They deliver shimmering finish therefore they are perfect for wild parties. The palette features blue, pink, beige, yellow and grey shades. The product is well-pigmented and delivers obvious effects. NYX Cosmetics also offers second palette housing more natural shades, Sleel and Chic. It contains beiges, browns, greys and gold-ish shades. The shades deliver shimmering and matte finish. I think that unlike Electric Pastels, this palette is more suitable for daily make-up (e.g. for work).

Other products by NYX Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics also offers cosmetics for lip and face make-up. These are Arcade Glam and Lit Life as well as powder lip cream in eight shades Powder Puff Lipie. The highlighters are recommended for people having very pale complexion as well as dark ones. What’s their task? They optically make some face parts bigger and can replace eye shadows. Also, they can ‘cool down’ or ‘warm up’ face and facilitate creating every kind of make-up. When it comes to the lip cream, it is closed in a tube with a sponge, which significantly facilitates application of make-up. We can choose shades of brown, pink and reds; the shades match every possible beauty type.

How would I apply make-up with Love You So Mochi cosmetics?

From Electric Pastels I would choose beige, pink and yellow. The shades would be suitable for party smoky eye. Perhaps I would top-up the effect by adding a blue line on my upper (and maybe lower) eyelid. Also, I would use a highlighter of the shade that is similar to my complexion’s. I would apply it in minimal amount just not to overdo the shine. Moreover, I would cover my lips with the cream powder of fair shade. It would match my vivid eye make-up.

How about you girls, have you already had the opportunity to use Love You So Mochi?


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