Nanobrow eyebrow serum [review]. Does it deserve to receive such positive feedback?

Hey Girls,

After the last cheap eye serum that left me bitterly and sorely disappointed, I promised myself that I would never reach for any other similar product again. I also came to terms with my pencil-thin eyebrows, which I mundanely try to somehow enhance every day… You know that, don’t you? Actually, you should be leaving home at this very moment so as not to be late, but, what the hell… eyebrows must be done!

Thus, I kept doing, covering up, drawing, filling these miserable eyebrows of mine using all possible means that I encountered… until I met my acquaintance who mentioned Nanobrow eyebrow serum. As a proof, she pointed finger at her eyebrows, which were really impressive, at least for me, since they were truly beautiful, thick, dark and neat. Perfectly shaped, of ideal size… Just the dream eyebrows.

Naturally, I bought Nanobrow soon after that day. I guess, I’ve been using the eyebrow serum for two months now so I can tell you this and that about this beauty product. Let me invite you to my Nanobrow eyebrow serum review.

Before I get to the point, I’ll explain what an eyelash serum is. Basically, it’s special serum of watery consistency which is designed to penetrate skin growing on brow arch and reinforce brow bulbs as well as encourage them to work. Eyebrow serum helps bulbs to become better rooted in follicles, hair to grow faster, get healthier, stronger, darker and thicker. Also, eyebrow serum is supposed to prevent the hair from falling out so easily.

The key to take the most of such beauty product is systhmaticality. Simply, it has to be applied every day to the brow ridges. The best eyebrow serums should work (at least in theory) in a month. But how does it look in practice? It appears that few eyebrow serums are so ‘cunning’ and effective. Therefore, when I realized that I had finally managed to come across the perfect eyebrow serum, I was sure that I had to share my discovery with others. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you Nanobrow 🙂

Nanobrow eyebrow serum – Perfect frame for your beautiful eyes

Eye frame is more than just eyelashes and I’m sure you know this well. With well-defined eyebrows our face look way better than with thin, sparse brows. Do you know that owing to thick eyebrows, face looks younger? And, of course, definitely more natural. For that reason, the trend for thick brows is on, and I think it will stay with us for longer.

Nanobrow eyebrow serum is – to put it in the shortest way possible – rescue for thin, damaged and weakened brows that are reluctant to grow out. Undoubtedly, its effectiveness is owed to this perfectly selected ingredients. Let me use a metaphor here: Nanobrow is just ‘brows in the bottle.’ This serum offers everything that eyebrows might possibly need to be thick, strong, beautiful, nourished and regenerated. Thanks to this beauty product, even my pencil-thin brows transformed into really good-looking brow hairs.

Nanobrow eyebrow serum – Ingredients

So as not to praise the serum without giving you any actual facts about it, let me just enumerate the little marvels that the eyebrow serum is made from. See for yourself why Nanobrow is recommended by bloggers and cosmetologists.

  • soy germ (extract) – responsible for revitalizing hair from the roots to the tips
  • wheat germ (extract) – one of the best hair and brow conditioning substances; it also smooths skin and hair out, prevents frizz, intensifies shine, softness and boosts elasticity
  • baikal skullcap (extract) – full of plant sterols and tannins; it affects hair and follicle state, reinforces collagen and elastin fibers, stimulates self-renewal processes in cells. Basically, baikal skullcap is one of the finest among all natural conditioning substances. In fact, if the serum was made of this substance only, the effects would already be satisfying, but as you can see, it’s just one of the marvels used here
  • propylene glycol – glycol displaying strong moisturising properties
  • ginseng (extract) – hides unique properties (occurring in this plant only) that are biologically active: ginsenosides and proteoglycans which are antioxidants, they nourish and cure
  • arginine – deeply moisturizes and smooths hair out, builds into lipid coat, protects eyebrows against damage

What do you think about this? This is hella astonishing composition, isn’t it? 🙂

Nanobrow eyebrow serum – Does it work?

Girls, it does work! Ok, I must admit that I couldn’t notice any improvement for first 3-4 weeks. I read reviews and comments where some women claimed that after 2 weeks of Nanobrow application they could spot they brow hairs getting darker and simply better looking. Sadly, I had to wait a little bit longer to see the results. But my eyebrows are truly unusual 🙂

Around 5th week of the treatment, I finally managed to notice tiny ‘specks’ around my brow ridge proving that brow hair had started growing out, finally!

Actually, my eyebrows underwent a kind of metamorphosis then. For example, it was clear to see that they became darker, and to be more precise, they colour got more intensified, and the hair itself became stronger and better moisturised. The entire brow ridge got thicker, and somewhere around 7-8th week I visited a beautician to get my eyebrows shaped. Well-shaped <3

Nanobrow eyebrow serum – How to apply?

Nanobrow is fast-absorbing and doesn’t residue on brows – it just disappears almost the moment applied. As far as I’m concerned, it takes a while for most eyebrow serums to penetrate skin, therefore they have to be applied at bedtime after precise makeup removal. Of course, Nanobrow can be applied in the evening too, but you can also use it in the morning and follow with doing makeup. The choice is yours 🙂

The small sponge applicator makes the whole process a lot easier. Just one glide is enough to cover the entire brow ridge with the serum. As you probably know, eyebrow serum that comes with brush applicator requires more precision and time to apply. I must admit that I got used to using Nanobrow. I reach for it almost unconsciously. This helps me support the effect I achieved, which is longer, thicker and more beautiful eyebrows. To be honest, Nanobrow is the only eyebrow serum that I could recommend, with my clear conscience, to everyone. For me, it’s the only eyebrow serum that works 🙂

Thanks to Nanobrow I finally like my eyebrows! <3


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20 Comments “Nanobrow eyebrow serum [review]. Does it deserve to receive such positive feedback?”

  1. Natalyah

    Mega ingredients! Guess who’s ordering :):) Once used some serum but next to Nanobrow it looks like some sad joke

  2. roxy

    i just dunno, dont quite believe all those serums actually work…

    • Agnes D.

      OH THEY WORK, OKAY!!! I use Nanobrow and at this point don’t even remember what it was like before. I had just awful brows and now they’re just sweeet!!

  3. J.W.R.

    Can someone explain to me how exactly this serum works?

  4. ELMA

    I’m so down with your review hun! I started using my serum around the same time as you. At first I though it’s just another scum. You never know with these things. But after first week I started noticing that Nanobrow darkened my brows and they look more dense. Now I don’t care when I have no time for eyebrow makeup cause my brows either way look soooo cool!

  5. Tia

    i’m here a bit shook that some serum can have so many nice plant extracts 😮 wow

  6. anonymous

    Hi there, can you tell me how long lasted one Nanobrow tube? I think of getting one but try to learn first if it is worth it for this price.

    • Verq01

      it’s just 5 ml… so little 🙁

      • ELMA

        Guys, yeah but you do not use much of it per application. 5 ml will last for few months. Mine lasted me for 5 months and I used it daily. 🙂

  7. Selena Rochan

    I wanna nice brows without makeup too! I’m getting one of these!!

  8. Audrey_44

    My brows look so pretty after nanobrow, i used other cheaper serums but i don’t think those even deserve to be called serum. Nanobrow is a money well spent.

  9. Pattse

    I read your blog regularly and I know that when you praise something it must be awesome, so I recommended Nanobrow to a friend cause she has really sparse brows.

    • Christine32

      Must have, my brows grew back in 3 weeks!!

  10. matiniqe26

    I believe only what I can buy at the drugstore

    • Cilian

      matiniqe26 – I think that the way Nanobrow works is not based on the believe but confirmed effects and effectivness. Great cosmetic. Cool thing, me and my sister use it and our brows do look more dense than before.

  11. lady

    listen, isn’t it enogh to just use the same thing you use for your lashes?

    • dominique_35

      sure you can but I think that using something dedicated for the brows will work better, besides even application is easier cause conditioners for brows have different brushes than those thin ones in serums for lashes.

  12. Paula234

    Eyelash serum helped me tons, so there’s no doubt in my mind that those for brows will be equally effective.

  13. Coralee

    Whare can I buy Nanobrow? I wanna try it really really bad!

  14. Clementine_22

    Great thing and great blog! So happy for you and your perfect eyebrows, I just get one Nanobrow for myself after reading your review and now await the delivery.


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