Nanoil hair oil review. My hair fell in love with it!

My Dear Readers, it’s the review time! 🙂 I guess you were longing to read a review, weren’t you? Indeed, it’s been long since I reviewed a cosmetic because there was nothing which would deserve an entry on my blog. No positive surprises. No miracles. No change. Until I came across…


These are the very first hair oils matching hair porosity; the oils characterized by a rich in natural oils composition, with no silicones, parabens or alcohols; oils that solve all problems that might affect hair and scalp. Do you want to learn more?

My hair was always deprived of volume and it was fast for them to get greasy. For that reason, I could just dream on having beautiful curls because my hair used to get straight faster than I blinked. I’m sure, you would agree with me that flat hair isn’t the top of our beauty dreams. No wonder why I wanted to do something with my strands! At the beginning, I thought that I needed to use a little bit lighter products because some cosmetics used to overburden my hair. After a few months of attempts and trials it turned out that finding a good conditioner that would suit my hair bordered on the miraculous. I also changed shampoos many times, which I used to put a blame on for the state of my volume-deprived hair. Eventually, it all came to nought.

nanoil hair oil low porosity review

Why have I started applying oils to my hair?

There is one simple reason for me doing that. I started browsing the Internet and I read that this is a hair oil treatment that is recommended for oily and volume-deprived hair. At first, I considered it as a kind of a joke – I was convinced that oils would surely make my hair even more greasy. As an act of desperation I decided to take a chance and gave this method a go but I didn’t know which oil I was supposed to pick up.

The hints concerning hair care were to be found on

Hair porosity. What’s that?

This was the very place where I found out that a source of majority of hair problems comes from the changes in its structure. It’s said that our hair is covered with a few layers of cuticles which can either open or close when, for example, we treat it with an acid hair wash. I’ve never looked at my hair through a lenses of a microscope but, I’ve to admit, many scientific articles prove this thesis.

Hair can differ one form another with porosity, which can be low, medium or high. High porosity hair is considered as the most damaged. Low porosity hair, in turn, despite being healthy, is very hard to style, is heavy and flat. Therefore, each hair type has a dedicated type of an oil composed of a blend of natural oils. To be more precise, there are:

  • Nanoil for low porosity hair,
  • Nanoil for medium porosity hair,
  • Nanoil for high porosity hair.

I’m not going to write volubly about each type of hair and oil because all necessary information can be found on the brand’s blog, for example. Also, on the official Nanoil website you can learn how to define hair porosity and how to choose an ideal treatment for your hair.

It appeared that my hair is low porous and I needed oils of a very tiny molecules so as not to make the hair greasy but work effectively. No surprise, I chose Nanoil for low porosity hair. How did it serve me? 😉

If I told you that it was marvellous, it wouldn’t be enough!

My hair had never been so silky smooth and soft, and light before. This is the first cosmetic that didn’t overburden my strands. Already during the first blow-drying after Nanoil application, I had this impression of my hair being raised at the roots. An hour before washing my hair, I applied 2 big portions of the oil and I noticed my hair absorbing almost all of the cosmetic. The oil didn’t make my hair greasy, the residues were removed without any obstacles and my strands remained delicate, soft and full of shine. Also, I’ve found it growing faster! <yeah>

What does Nanoil contain?

I assume that the biggest asset of this product is its composition – natural, well-developed and suitable for a particular hair type. Nanoil hair oil is a composition of the best nourishing substances. Each of three oils contain UV filter, vitamins as well as substances that prevent hair loss, accelerate growth and take care of hair.

Yet, still the most important are NATURAL OILS <3

Nanoil for low porosity hair bases its action on nine natural oils: coconut, shea, argan, pine tree, castor, babassu, monoi, cupuacu and passionfruit.

The secret is mixing the oils in such a way to help their features solve all problems connected with a particular hair type. This makes Nanoil to be comprehensive, professional and truly marvellous in terms of quality hair and scalp treatment. The products don’t contain preservatives and work in a natural way therefore there is no risk connected with using them.

before and after usage of nanoil

How do Nanoil hair oils work?

There’s nothing that can work better than Nanoil. The effects (at least in my case) are only positive. The action the oil delivers square with the descriptions on the official website of the product. Hence, if you are curious what you can win thanks to Nanoil treatment, visit the website. I can’t tell you anything more beyond my own experience of using Nanoil for low porosity hair.

I’ve been using the oil for 7 weeks now. I don’t apply it every day, but before every single hair washing – I distribute the oil to the entire length of my hair and massage into the scalp. After a few-minute massage I secure my hair with a cap and wash it after an hour.

My hair after being treated with Nanoil:

  • is soft, smooth, shiny and elastic,
  • stops getting greasy,
  • gets air-dry faster and is easier to style,
  • becomes lighter and won volume,
  • keep smelling just incredible for a few hours,
  • and it keeps growing definitely faster! 🙂

nanoil is perfect!


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