Nanolash Growth Serum – My Iconic Cosmetic

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It’s been a while since a review appeared on my blog. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t give up testing cosmetics. To be honest, it’s been hard to positively surprise me recently. I don’t want to post only negative reviews. That’s why I had been waiting for something mind-blowing. Something I would recommend and rave about.

Finally! I found it!

Nanolash eyelash growth serumNANOLASH EYELASH GROWTH SERUM

To me, growing up-to-the-sky eyelashes in nearly four weeks is phenomenal. I think Nanolash is iconic and should be awarded for the precision, effectiveness and quick working.

Hopefully, I can favour it on my blog. I’ll tell you how Nanolash serum works and how it turned my eyelashes around.

Nanolash got my attention when I went on holidays with my friend Caroline. Two weeks in an amazing hotel at the seaside were fabulous. At the same time, I had a chance to see with my own eyes how Nanolash enhancer worked because my friend used it throughout two weeks. She talked me into trying it out.

  • Her lashes were thin, short and fair – she’s blonde and has very fair complexion.
  • My lashes were dark yet had dry ends due to the sunlight. Neither too thick nor too long – nothing fancy eyelashes.

Caroline told me about her idea – ‘long lashes project’. She asked if I wanted to join and use Nanolash eyelash serum to see how (and if) it works. I checked the serum out on the Internet and thought it was a great choice. Nanolash wins all rankings and is hugely popular among girls.

Nanolash how it worksI also liked the composition of Nanolash growth serum: short INCI, precisely selected ingredients – only the ones needed for nourishing and lengthening the lashes.

Nanolash Application. Is It Hard?

I had no doubts about going for the project. We applied Nanolash every day before putting makeup on. It is a piece of cake – like applying an eyeliner. The serum is immediately absorbed. We didn’t have to wait long. A few seconds and that’s it!

Nanolash compositionRegularity and everyday application of the serum matter a lot. Nothing happens if you forget about it once but remember that the key to healthy and beautiful lashes is applying Nanolash systematically.

When Nanolash Starts Working – Effects

Nanolash growth serum starts working after the very first use. Just don’t expect your lashes to grow after one day. Active ingredients work rapidly, which makes the conditioner so effective. After two weeks, you can see how much the lashes benefit from the serum. Our two-week project proved it. We both could see better condition and looks of our lashes. To Caroline’s astonishment, her eyelashes got darker and no longer brittle. My lashes have darker ends and doubled volume.

Nanolash treatment effects

After holidays, I didn’t give up on Nanolash serum. I quickly ordered it on the official website –

Nanolash After Complete Treatment

Nanolash treatment lasts about two months. Then, the serum should be applied to eyelids 2-3 times a week so lashes can amaze with health and length all the time. What’s incredible? My lashes went through a total make-over in just two months. They are 5 mm longer, thicker, curled up and elastic. No more falling out. The lash line is fuller so the eyes are defined. Eye makeup has gained intensity. I apply a mascara because I want to, not because I have to. Love it!

Nanolash how to useI really like the new me with beautiful, freakishly long lashes. The magic of Nanolash growth serum is also striking when I look at Caroline’s make-over. Her lashes used to bother her. Now, she’s smiling and seduces with the new look. I have an impression she is more self-confident and happy about her appearance.

That’s why I believe Nanolash serum to be an iconic product. It joins my list of best cosmetics… and you know very well that getting on the list isn’t that simple 😉 


Howdy my beautiful readers! My name is Anastasia and I'm more than happy to welcome you on my beauty blog. Since I love retro style and everything that is connected with it, I do my best to find old school cosmetics that are far from being artificial. Here, I'll share with you my findings to make our body, hair and skin care as natural as possible. Enjoy the reading!

14 Comments “Nanolash Growth Serum – My Iconic Cosmetic”

  1. Pati

    Though it has great opinions everywhere, I still was waiting for you to test it and review it 😀 definitely try 😀

  2. Minnie

    it’s a true phenomenon for me that the conditioner is able to really make eyelashes longer and in such a short time. I saw mine were longer after just 3 weeks and after a week lashes were also stronger.

  3. Lavender

    I use it for over a year and I’m really satisfied 😀

  4. Joanna

    I need to test it 🙂 in 2 months time I have a big occasion comin’ up and want to look gorgeous 😉

  5. Y111Y

    I came across an opinion about this serum in the past, it had great opinion as well and not only as an eyelash serum but also for brows.

  6. Redhead

    I use it for 3 months now but to be true after 6 weeks I stopped the daily use because my lashes already had the length I wanted. This way it will last for longer ;D

  7. Annika_L

    I saw effects my friend had and when she used mascara her lashes looked like extensions ;D I would want it too so badly but sadly there’s just few cosmetics that I don’t get allergy from. :/

    • Eli

      I have the same, almost every eyeliner irritates my eyes, it is same with eye shadows but this serum turned out to be gentle, no irritation, no allergy and now I use it for 5 months and can honestly recommend.

  8. Carole

    Never heard of this one but for now I’m pleased with revitalash

    • Minnie

      It’s almost the same, don’t get why you’d overpay.

  9. Eveline

    Don’t understand how you can destroy lashes with extensions when there are conditioners as such?

  10. Alex

    I ordered it with my friend cause its cheaper but only use for 4 days straight so for now I hope they will be thicker cause I really really want them to be. As to length my lashes are okay but can always be longer :p

  11. Vanessa

    I wasn’t swept from my feet by it, good but no revelation. The truly long and thick lashes are only with extensions.

    • sunrise

      But these are still just false lashes, what is more you have to refill those. Not to mention that it always stands out how unnatural they look. Better short but your own.


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