Steam Flat Iron – Benefits, Effects. Do I Recommend this kind of Hair Straightening?

I’ve been straightening my hair since I turned 16. I’ve dealt with dozens of tools, better and worse ones.. I’ve been testing steam straighteners recently. What do I think of the devices? Do I recommend them? What effect is delivered with a steam iron? Enjoy reading 🙂

Hair straightening madness

I have nothing to hide, I’m a straight hair maniac and can’t imagine my life without it. Ironically, nature has presented me with wavy, frizzy, unruly hair which is far from silky smooth look. Luckily, there are flat irons so I can give my hair the look that I like the most.

Obviously, I realize that straightening is a kind of heat styling which means more harm than good. Unless we know how to straighten hair without damage.

How to straighten hair with no damage?

Before I move on to steam flat irons, let me underline that the leading motive of the post is damage-free hair straightening. That’s why you will find a few key rules for hair straightening routine below. Thanks to them, you will save your hair from burning (I follow them myself).

Golden rules for hair straightening routine:

  1. Never use a flat iron on wet or damp hair!
  2. Before straightening, always apply a heat protecting product.
  3. Straighten the hair strand by strand, divide it into small sections.
  4. Comb out hair before reaching for a flat iron.
  5. Do regular hair oil treatment for intensified heat protection.
  6. Try not to use the highest temperature.
  7. Don’t straighten one strand several times – do it once, the right way.

The type of a flat iron matters!

The type of a straightener you choose is hugely important. There are lots of devices and I guess I’ve had a chance to test each of them at some point. Simply put:

  • Teflon-plate flat iron is the worst choice because teflon doesn’t ensure an even heating, uses up quickly, scratches and may burn your hair.
  • Ceramic-plate flat iron is likely to be the most popular because it heats evenly and smoothly glides on strands.
  • Titanium-plate flat iron is a pricier option because it is able to smooth out thick curls and it’s extremely durable and resistant to damage.
  • Mirror-plate flat iron which isn’t made for looking at the reflection but for easy and tear-free straightening (the plates are smoother than ceramic ones).
  • Diamond-infused plate flat iron which is one of the latest pricey inventions, dealing with really thick coarse curly hair.

There are also flat irons infused with tourmalines, or minerals which produce negative ions and seal cuticle scales.

Nevertheless, I’m interested in steam straighteners which can actually belong to each of the categories I’ve rounded up above because they have various kinds of plates as well. They have an extra function which boosts your hair moisture while straightening.

Steam flat irons – worth-knowing info

As the name suggests, steam flat irons use steam to straighten the hair. Most of them have a small water tank emitting moisture, working on hair with high temperature at the same time. The combination of heat and steam gives brilliant results. A fine-quality steam flat iron:

  • moisturises hair during straightening;
  • prevents hair from becoming dry;
  • makes hair easier to comb out later on;
  • enhances hair care and repair;
  • ensures hair shine and smoothness.

Unfortunately, I must add that a high-quality steam straightener is much more expensive than her friends which don’t give off steam.

Steam flat iron. Am I satisfied?

Actually, there was one thing that made me purchase steam flat iron. My hair has high porosity but I don’t want to give up on straightening. At the same time, I don’t want heat-styling damage either. I thought a steam tool was made for me.

The first use didn’t cause any problems. You use it like any other straightener, on dry hair. I applied argan oil before using the tool, I like the oil for its repairing effect. I had an impression that steam iron let the oil absorb fully so it worked more intensively. An extra point for that!

Other benefits of a steam flat iron I’ve noticed:

  • strikingly boosts hair volume and softness;
  • adds gorgeous smoothness and enhances shine;
  • upgrades hair moisture, even in extremely dry hair;
  • makes hair ends less coarse and straw-like.

Sadly, there’s a thing I must pick on. A steam flat iron won’t work for those who want to turn their tight curls into silky smooth wisps. I have an impression that steam straighteners (I’ve tested a few of them) give a poorer straightening effect than ordinary flat irons. They smooth hair instead of straightening but you get a nice moisture boost!

Do I recommend it? Yes, if your hair is frizzy and slightly wavy and you want damage-free silky smooth hair effect. 🙂


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