Tattoo-like make-up? With Ink My Eye & Body Liners by Rimmel it’s super easy!


I adore long-lasting and multi-purpose cosmetics because they help create outstanding stylisations. One of such products is Ink My Eye & Body Liners by Rimmel. And the best part about this is that I can apply it both to my face and body. How do they turn out to be when used daily? Let me invite you to read my newest entry.

What’s Liner by Rimmel?

To me, this is a cosmetic that resembles a regular eyeliner, yet with the difference that the lifespan of it is significantly better. It has a narrow tip, owning to which it’s very simple to apply a line on our eyelids or any other pattern you want to wear on the body. I think that such cosmetic will be perfect to use when getting ready for some crazy party. Thanks to the fact that this cosmetic dries out almost the moment applied, it may become a favourite product of all latecomers. I think it’s also worth mentioning that Ink My Eye & Body Liners by Rimmel are waterproof and were tested dermatologically and ophthalmologically. The brand offers two shades of Ink My Eye & Body Liners: Golden Gang and Pitch Black.

How to apply Ink My Eye & Body Liners?

Luckily, there’s nothing difficult about this. Rimmel’s cosmetic has to be used just like any other eyeliner. It’s important to support your elbow against a table’s surface and the hand against the cheek. Draw the line but don’t pull the eyelid skin because this will increase the risk of getting uneven and bad-looking make-up. Of course, it’s up to us what kind of line (and its length) we want to wear on a particular day. Owning to Ink My Eye & Body Liners we can apply a thick, straight or lifted-up line. Eyes decorated with Golden Gang will look marvellous. Pitch Black will make the eyelash line look optically more thick.

Let’s decorate our body with Rimmel

If you consider Ink My Eye & Body Liners as not enough, you can make a good use of other products by Rimmel which you can use to decorate your body with. For example, these are: Ink Me Stamp Tattoos of various shapes, self-adhesive golden and black tattoos, shimmering Lip Art lip gloss and a nail polish of very vivid colours 60 Seconds Rita’s Shades of Black. Just right for carnival!

Have you already chosen your set of cosmetic to wear at a wild party?


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