Things every girl should know about foundations. My journey with Vichy Dermablend


I must admit that I started using foundations very late, it was in my senior year in high school. Ever since, I had quite a few troubles regarding makeup. What kind of problems my face had to face?;) I’ll tell you everything with the Vichy Dermablend example.

What should you know about foundations?

If you are going to use foundations in your daily makeup, you must first learn a few rules. First of all, before the application, you have to cleanse your complexion thoroughly and exfoliate it gently. The skin must be degreased, smoothed out and moisturised well. The second rule concerns the shade of the cosmetic – it must match the skin tone of your neck. This also means that in the winter you should wear different shades in comparison to the summertime. Thirdly, the best way to verify the shade is to smudge it across your jawline, never on the wrist. That’s the only way to ensure natural effects. Last, but not least, to prolonge the durability of the cosmetic, you will need a primer, whilst to obtain a flawless look, use a concealer to hide all blemishes.

Vichy Dermablend – my story

Before I bought it, I heard many good reviews about this product, for instance, it covers all imperfections, it gives a natural effect, it provides many benefits to the skin. I can agree to some of these claims. At first, I was pretty satisfied: the cosmetic covered my blemishes, blackheads and other imperfections. What is more, it did not leave the face cakey-looking and it did not emphasize fine lines. Additionally, a UV filter it is a good feature and the product moisturised my skin pretty well. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long.

After a few months of use, I noticed that the foundation started oxidising – becoming darker on the skin, it was very visible and the complexion gained an unnatural and unsightly shine. I got a bit frightened, to be honest, however, soon, I have discovered what was the problem. It turned out I was applying a too thick layer, used worse quality products and did not prep my skin well enough. How did I deal with that? I decided to sort out my makeup bag and give Vichy Dermablend a second chance. From now on, I apply a thin layer of the product with a brush or a makeup sponge. Also, I take a better care of the skin so it is always well-prepared for applying makeup. I just love my looks!

How about you girls, have you ever had any troubles using certain cosmetics? What is your favourite foundation? Have you ever used Vichy Dermablend?


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