What Can You Do to Enjoy a Beautiful Face? Skin pH Test and My Beauty Hacks


Do you know the thing that is the most crucial in skin care? No, it isn’t branded products. You don’t need fancy gadgets either. If you desire a pretty and healthy face skin, you need to define your skin pH and regulate its level. How to do it? Read the step-by-step guide that will help you take great care of your skin.

Let’s start with the skin acidity, or determining skin pH. Read the three descriptions and choose the one that suits your skin most. Then, it will be easier for you to pick suitable products and skin care methods. Go!

1. Your skin has low pH if:

  • it is still oily after washing;
  • you never moisturise it;
  • it gets sensitive after the regular use of skin care and beauty products;
  • it is usually dry, red and irritated;
  • you rarely see wrinkles in the morning;
  • it is oily and covered in blackheads.

2. Your skin has perfect pH if:

  • it is soft and smooth after washing;
  • you moisturise it in the morning and evening;
  • it is indifferent to the use of the same skin care and beauty products;
  • it is never dry, red or irritated;
  • it is smooth and firm in the morning;
  • it never gets oiliness or blackheads;
  • it is almost always moisturised and sometimes has shiny T-zone.

3. Your skin has high pH if:

  • it is dry and tight after washing;
  • you moisturise it once a day;
  • it is sometimes sensitive to skin care and beauty products;
  • it is sometimes dry, red and irritated;
  • sometimes wrinkles appear in the morning;
  • you notice oiliness and blackheads from time to time;
  • it is rarely moisturised.

What can you do to enjoy pretty and healthy skin?

  • Follow these three rule. Firstly, regularly cleanse your face skin yet don’t use a soap. It causes irritation and weakens the natural lipid coat of the skin. As a result, you deal with wrinkles, acne and flaking skin. Using products that contain natural ingredients and have delicate consistency is a far better idea. Choose cream milks for removing makeup. Wipe the skin with micellar water every morning. Do an exfoliating scrub every few days to cleanse the skin pores. Visit a beauty salon for microdermabrasion treatment once in three months.
  • Secondly, systematically moisturise your skin. Use creams with UV filter and night products rich in nutrients. If you’ve noticed your makeup isn’t long-lasting, you should give up on scrubs and some products (serum or makeup base) for some time – your skin is likely to have acidic pH. Just cleanse and hydrate the skin to see results after several weeks.
  • Thirdly, eat healthily. If you aim at regulating pH skin, eat products abounding in vitamins and micro-nutrients. Spinach and kale decrease acidity whereas citruses increase it. Roasted nuts and seeds deliver lots of nutritional ingredients. Drink at least one liter of still water per day. If you want to have a beautiful and healthy face, forget about: fizzy drinks, meat, white flour, coffee.

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