Cosmetic disappointments! Make-up and skin care products

I bet every woman has beauty products that she loves and the ones she hates. Today, we’re talking about the latter. I’ll write about my biggest cosmetic disappointments. I got lots of them this month. Colored cosmetics let me down most. Enjoy reading!

Pharmaceris SPF 20 Moisturising Foundation

My favorite Pharmaceris product is a lightweight moisturiser SPF 20. It excellently smoothed and hydrated my skin and the sunscreen was enough to protect it from the sunlight. I thought that the fluid would be equally good and would also cover blemishes, moisturise and provide sun protection. I got 01 Ivory. I didn’t like it from the very first application. Despite the lightweight formula, after a few hours, I could feel it on my face and the shade got darker. My skin got an unwanted shine and even a mattifying powder didn’t help. I gave Pharmaceris fluid to my friend. She says it works great for her.

Vichy Dermablend Foundation

After Pharmaceris failure, I started looking for a new fluid. I gave dermocosmetics a second chance. Vichy Dermablend 15 Opal with sunscreen wash my choice. I know lots of you like this product but it failed completely for me. My skin was smooth and matte for about an hour after the application. Then, it was a nightmare. The fluid was dripping off my face! The whole face got shiny. I felt like my face was much heavier than it actually is and covered in some unpleasant substance. I’m not going to buy this foundation again.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays Mascara

It has a nice tube and wand. These are the only pluses of the mascara. The formula is a bit strange – it dries very quickly on lashes. No extension, no volume, no curl. After a few hours, it started flaking. I had a problem removing it and had to use a lot of cotton pads and make-up remover. Luckily, it didn’t damage my eyelashes!

La Roche Posay Effaclar Cleansing Gel

I’m not lucky with dermocosmetics. La Roche Posay Effaclar Gel was another disappointment. The product was supposed to cleanse the skin and remove acne but it caused breakout and made my skin produce too much sebum. It cost me a lot of money so I just couldn’t throw it away. Luckily, my friend bought it off me. I’ve learnt my lesson and know dermocosmetics aren’t that good. Maybe, I should change my skin care and switch to drugstore products. It can turn out they work much better for me.


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