DIY: Easy, Excellent & Eco-Friendly Apple Cider Vinegar Face Toner

This post is devoted to all of you who love simple and zero-waste solutions. Do you like simple beauty products like I do? If so, you probably know that products with a minimum number of ingredients are in no way worse. They often prove better, actually.

Apple vinegar face toner is a brilliant example. It is eco-friendly, inexpensive and multi-purpose while preparing it takes a couple of seconds! Plus, obviously, it has an amazing conditioning effect on the skin. It restores the ideal pH, slightly exfoliates (it’s an acid), nourishes and – what matters to me a lot – seals the blood vessels. Wanna know the recipe? Let’s get down to it!

What effect does apple cider vinegar have on the skin?

Vinegar is a brilliant cosmetic which was obvious for our great grandmas! They used it both on the skin and hair. Let’s stick to face care, though. See incredible skin benefits of apple cider vinegar.

  • above all else, it has antibacterial effect, preventing acne breakouts
  • as mentioned before, it exfoliates the skin thanks to acids
  • it provides a full set of vitamins and minerals, nourishing the skin
  • good news for broken-capillary sufferers: vinegar is rich in bioflavonoids, therefore, it strengthens the capillaries
  • good news for aging skin: it is rich in antioxidants that delay aging process
  • as any good skin toner, it restores the ideal acidic pH
  • it is really cheap which is a huge asset!


You need just two simple ingredients, really!

  • spring water or boiled water
  • apple cider vinegar, ideally eco-friendly

You may be taken aback but you need a really small amount of the vinegar: just 10 ml for 200 ml of water. If you add more, the toner will be stronger, which may give you skin irritations, particularly if your skin is sensitive and fragile. That is why you need to stick to the proportions. Naturally, acids are quite invasive and you are likely to end up disappointed after adding too much vinegar. You can observe that while making a hair rinse as well: too much vinegar leaves hair dull and coarse instead of making it smooth and shiny. This type of toner works for any skin and any season of the year.

Obviously, if your skin is oily and it tolerates the toner based on the above recipe, try adding extra 5 ml of vinegar. I believe you shouldn’t use more than 20 ml for 200 ml of water to avoid exposing the skin to the sunlight and pigmentation marks. Acids make our skin hypersensitive so the excess isn’t welcome.

How long does a homemade vinegar toner keep fresh?

Keep it in a dark glass bottle because it hates the sunlight. Cool and dark environment is best and prevents it from going rancid.

I keep mine in a bottle after flower water. It’s made from dark glass and has a spray atomiser so I don’t need any cotton pads. One more thing to remember: if you don’t store the toner in the fridge, it keeps fresh for up to 2 weeks. Don’t put it in a place with strong sunlight because you will get a… flop.

This natural skin toner has one more great benefit: you can spray it on the hair after shampooing for superb gloss!

How do you like my apple cider vinegar toner? Does it make your skin any better?


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