Everyday make-up – (mini)guide on how to get ready to apply one

My readers keep sending messages asking me how my morning make-up routine looks like. I’m constantly finding out that you check out my photos posted on social media and you keep wondering how much time I devote to make-up. I can assure you that not that much! Anyway, in a moment you are going to see it for yourself 😉

I start in the evening, the day before…

… and it’s not a joke! I bet you know this perfectly well that make-up looks most appealing and holds best when applied to cleansed, smooth and even skin. This is the very reason why I begin my preparations a day before at bedtime. Every day I take a few routine steps in complexion care:

  1. I precisely remove make-up using natural oils (I don’t use make-up removers and any other similar cosmetics because oils are natural and can remove even waterproof make-up; at the same time I nourish skin around eyes and the entire face as well),
  2. Then, I apply fine grained face peeling thanks to which I can get rid of all the impurities which might stay on skin despite the make-up removal,
  3. I wipe the whole face with a toner containing a cucumber extract which doesn’t only freshen up my skin but also balances pH level of dermis and makes it ready to welcome a face cream,
  4. At the end I deliver moisture by applying my favourite night face cream.

On another day in the morning…

… my skin is perfectly moisturised and smoothed, is free from unsightly dry skin areas so I can hit the ground running and apply make-up. However, before I reach for colour cosmetics I give my skin a massage using sweet almond oil which I treat as a highlighting and nourishing make-up base. In this way I deal with all major problems which can happen during doing make-up and the ones we most often complain about:

  • no more dry skin parts where a foundation happens to gather;
  • no more mask effect;
  • no more short-hold make-up.

Please, feel encouraged to try out natural oils in order to take care of your complexion. You can use them in many various ways for make-up application. These can be used as an alternative to hideously expensive make-up bases which work as if they wanted but somehow couldn’t.

I’m going to share with you another beauty trick: I combine one portion of a foundation with 1-2 drops of the same base oil. Effect? The fluid gets absorbed better, make-up doesn’t look that raw, instead its more natural-looking. Besides, it becomes more durable and radiant. It’s a perfect way to deal with a heavy foundation.


Howdy my beautiful readers! My name is Anastasia and I'm more than happy to welcome you on my beauty blog. Since I love retro style and everything that is connected with it, I do my best to find old school cosmetics that are far from being artificial. Here, I'll share with you my findings to make our body, hair and skin care as natural as possible. Enjoy the reading!

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