Eyebrow makeup and shaping in one? It is possible with Brow Divine by Nabla


What do you think, will it be enough to use one cosmetic to fill in and shape your eyebrows? I’ll give you a hint: yes! In my case, Brow Divine pencil by Nabla works just great. How exactly does it work and what are the effects? Check it out in today’s post.

Two In One Eyebrow Pencil

Thanks to Nabla Brow Divine you will able to fill in, and shape your eyebrows. It has two ends: there is a coloured stick on one side and a brush on the other. Two in one cosmetics make the makeup a lot easier and quicker! The product has a creamy formula which is why the application and blending is pure pleasure. The tip of the pencil allows a precise and accurate makeup and filling in even the smallest gaps without looking fake. Nabla Brow Divine ensures a natural effect ad suitable for every makeup, regardless of the occasion and time of day.

How to use Brow Divine by Nabla?

Once you have your foundation applied and set everything with powder, you are ready to do your brows. Make sure to rest your arm on a solid ground (for example your dressing table) and place your hand at your cheek. With short strokes of the pencil, draw short and thin lines that will resemble brows. Now, fill in all gap. If you are satisfied with the effect, proceed with the eye makeup. However, you can go a step further. You can outline the shape of your brows and fill in the space. Blend it with a soft brush, you can even add another layer of the product for a more exaggerated look. This will help you achieve the 3D effect.

Before you buy Brow Divine by Nabla?

There are five shades of the pencil available online, they are called: Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury and  Uranus. They have been created to match various types of skin shade and eye and hair colour. Remember to choose the one that will suit you the most. What else should you know about Brow Divine? The product comprises natural ingredients that take care of the skin and facilitate blending the cosmetic. Those are natural oils, zinc, vegetable wax and mica. Thanks to such content, your look will be perfect at all times!

Have you ever used Brow Divine by Nabla? What your go-to eyebrow product? What is your eyebrow routine? Let me know in the comments!


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