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I am perfectly aware of the fact that everyone is in love with face oils and this whole oil skin care. I like using them myself and cannot even imagine hair care without a good oil blend that matches my hair porosity. Oils are a wealth of good fatty acids, minerals, phytosterols, and vitamins. They rejuvenate, protect and regenerate the skin. It’s a waste not to use them. Probably most of you have an oil in the bathroom. The thing is, it cannot be just a random oil … it turns out that in the face care, it is very important what kind of oil we use. It’s just like with hair care – the oil has to match the hair’s porosity. Okay, but what about the face? Are there any natural oils that can harm us? Let’s explore this topic together. 

Not all oils are equal

At the beginning, I did not know how it worked, why there were so many oils on the market and whether it is important at all, which one I will buy to use on my face – after all, they are almost the same: fatty acids, vitamins, plant sterols. Nevertheless, it turns out that not only each oil has different proportions of fatty acids but also different concentrations of vitamins and minerals. Many of them contain additional ingredients that do not appear in other oils. So – each oil is different and has a varied effect on the skin.

Which oils are best for the face care 

The secret of a good oil is based – as usual – on its molecules, more precisely: on their size. Those of you who are already familiar with the topic of hair porosity probably know what’s it all about. Oils are divided into three basic groups – they contain small, medium or large particles (it depends on the fatty acids that dominate in them). The more large particles a given oil has, the worse it can be absorbed into the skin and the more comedogenic it will affect the complexion. Instead of penetrating into the epidermis and nourishing it – the oil will “settle” on the skin and create a kind of a poorly permeable membrane, through which the skin does not release toxins or sebum. Several weeks of such practices and (unfortunately) natural skin functions may be disturbed.

Therefore, to choose face oil well – look for oils that do not have too large particles and do not provide comedogenic qualities. You distinguish them after one valuable, “mysterious” component essential for the skin: it is squalene. This strange-sounding substance is nothing but an ingredient of human sebum. Squalene balances its amount on the skin and therefore reduces the seborrhea of oily skin and balances its lack in the case of dry skin. Hence, oils that contain squalene belong to the best skin care substances. It turns out that squalene ingeniously takes cares of acne skin, because it reduces the amount of sebum produced and prevents the multiplication of bacteria, and thus – alleviates the symptoms of acne and prevents the formation of new pimples. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Face oils with good absorbability

Oils not only balance the face’s hydro-lipid balance and ensure the proper level of sebum secretion, but also provide the skin with many valuable vitamins and minerals and prevent the collagen and elastin breakdown, and thus slow down the aging process of the skin. You probably wonder what facial oils are the best? If you want to try out something one of them on your skin, do not buy heavy oils with large particles, unless your skin is extremely dry and needs intensive lubrication every now and then. Certainly, the following list will help you choose an oil for your – it includes oils that are the best for skin care and those that are better to avoid because only a few people will benefit from them.

The best face oils (list)

  • argan oil,
  • jojoba oil (contains a large amount of squalene),
  • raspberry seed oil,
  • shea butter,
  • coconut oil (only as make-up remover),
  • fig prickly oil,
  • sweet almond oil.

Oils that should be avoided in face care (list)

  • evening primrose oil,
  • linseed oil,
  • sunflower oil,
  • cotton oil,
  • avocado oil,
  • rapeseed oil.

When choosing a particular oil make sure whether it is completely natural, unrefined and obtained in the process of cold pressing. Only such oil retains all valuable vitamins, minerals and care ingredients. If you do not have dry skin – use oils for the night, and in the morning you just need light, moisturizing (or mattifying depending on the type of skin) face cream.

Do you use skin care oils? Do you have a favorite that is worth recommending? I am very curious, please, share your opinion 🙂


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