Five Time-Saving Beauty Treatments!

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I’m aware that many of you, my dear followers, are busy and tied up. I often get messages asking me to finally set out some beauty treatments which won’t take up an entire day. Here you are! A post rounding up five rewarding treatments which save your time (and money).

Salon beauty treatments

The offer of beauty parlors is really overwhelming. It’s hard to tell which procedure is best for us and which one to choose for the best outcome.

Let’s focus on the ones that meet our needs. If you have quite bushy brows and your makeup routine takes little time, microblading seems to make no sense.

Tbh, I think you should be a little bit skeptical about my ideas and ask yourself a question first – do I actually need this?

Five treatments that will save your time


The easiest way to save time is having gel nails done. Applying gel and hardening it under UV or LED lamp, you get beautiful flawless nails lasting even a few weeks. The effect is impressively long-lasting, a nail polish doesn’t chip and it’s nearly impossible to take it off without the right remover.

If you like to have nice mani, gel nails are surely made for you. You will save time because instead of applying nail polish you will enjoy lovely color for long weeks – until you see your gel nails grow out and you need a fill-in.


Microblading, or semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, is a good option for those of you who like flawless eyebrow makeup but their natural brows are far too thin and sparse. Of course, you can apply a pomade, pencil, eyeshadow or tint every day but wait… we talk the time-saving tips here, right?

Thanks to professional eyebrow makeup, you do nothing with your eyebrows for even a few years. A tint is introduced under the skin and this way (similarly to tattooing) a pro linergist draws perfect eyebrows above your eyes. No need for daily time-consuming eyebrow makeup. No special brow care is necessary either. On the other hand, the procedure is pricey and not everyone can afford it.


Even though I am a fan of eyelash serums for strengthening my natural lashes and giving them the desired length/thickness/density, I know many girls wear false extensions. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with it provided you have them done by a pro, not a random person.

There are various types of lash extensions – semi-permanent lash extensions give a natural-looking effect, volume extensions, 3D lashes (4D, etc…) should be left for special occasions or photo sessions, I guess. Falsies definitely equal saving lots of time as you get a beautiful eye definition without having to devote the time to everyday lengthy mascara application.

However, remember that false lash extensions require the right upkeep routine, special makeup and makeup removal, as well as refill sessions. The effect lasts for a few weeks.


The best of the best, I tell everyone about laser hair removal – a simple procedure which involves removing hair or actually blocking its growth due to a proper beam of light. The laser light is absorbed by the pigment in hair, the temperature increases and hair follicle is damaged – consequently, hair stops growing.

For full effect, you need even up to 5 procedures. The price may turn out to be too high for some people. To me, it’s worth it! I haven’t had to shave my legs for 6 months because there’s no hair to get rid of 🙂


The last thing is keratin smoothing treatment – a brilliant alternative to all home hair remedies. Instead of devoting long hours to applying conditioners, masks, oil, massages, and remembering about the right washing and blow-drying routine, it is tempting to… get a hair straightening keratin treatment. Tbh, straight hair is just a side effect as the procedure aims at hair repair and fixing damage in hair structures thanks to keratin – a natural ingredient making up hair.

The effect is hair as smooth as a sheet of ice, easy to brush, healthy, shiny, strong from the roots to the tips.


Express your opinions if you’ve tried any of the procedures. If you have other suggestions for time-saving beauty treatments, share them in the comments.

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