How I deal with blackheads? The best methods for beautiful and flawless skin

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Recently, you have filled my e-mail box with questions about skin care. You are interested in how I remove blackheads and how is it possible that I have such a smooth face. Believe me, I put a lot of effort into it. So in today’s post, I will present you my ways to deal with blackheads.

make-up removal

Before I start proper skin care, I thoroughly remove my make-up. I use this liquid from a pharmacy with an anti-acne substance. It costs a lot and although it is not an efficient product, my skin loves it. It removes cosmetics, sebum and all the impurities that have accumulated on my face throughout the day. The same cosmetic I use to cleanse the skin of the neckline, neck and even the back.


Yes. The next step in my face care is home microdermabrasion. For this treatment, I use a special device from the Beurer FC 76 brand. The gadget exfoliates the skin, purifies the pores, and after regular use, it smoothes fine lines. How does the device work? It could be compared to a vacuum as it sucks the skin, improves blood circulation and accelerates cell renewal. At the same time, a special attachment exfoliates the epidermis and removes blackheads. Effect? The skin is smooth and clean. It is very important to disinfect the tool after each treatment.

What do we find in a home microdermabrasion kit? In addition to this great device, we also have a control lamp, three abrasive pads (large and wide, precise and rough), 20 interchangeable filters resembling tiny sponges (they stop the sebum and exfoliated epidermis to prevent blocking the device). In addition, my gadget has two speeds, mains power button and 3 year warranty.


When the skin is already cleansed and smoothed, you can apply the cosmetics. Once again I use a scrub on my face prepared with sugar, honey and lemon juice. Then, I apply a deep cleansing mask or a peel off one. When I wash my face or remove the mask, it removes the remaining blackheads. At the end, I apply a moisturising cream with a very light formula. Then, I can finally go to sleep!

And how does your fight with blackheads look like?



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