How to boost hair volume? Useful hair care products and accessories

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I know that thin and volume-deprived hair, which is often unmanageable, is the pain in the neck. If this is how you would describe your hair, then I’ve got a few pieces of advice for you today. In a moment, you’re going to learn how to make the hair look more voluminous. Learn effective cosmetics and accessories that will aid you in this.

What thin hair really is?

Thin hair is prone to dehydration, which leads to split ends and brittleness. This in turn have a big influence over the way you should treat the hair. For example, if you weigh the strands with hair styling or care products, then you may contribute to greasy scalp. Also, insufficient moisturizing and nourishment may bring you to severe hair damage. Moreover, thin hair doesn’t know how to endure some extreme weather conditions: high temperature, force winds, frosty weather. Thin hair also gets damaged by being exposed to too frequent and unskillful heat styling and dyeing.

How to boost hair volume: Useful products

The easiest way to create the voluminous hair look is through applying the right hair styling techniques. In drugstores you can find cosmetics designed to handle this task. Give mouses, hair sprays and lacquers a go. Such products should be lightweight and non-overburdening, and what’s even more important, they should be applied by religiously following the instructions given on the packaging. If you flip your hair over while bending, then you can be sure that your strands will naturally win some volume.

Of course, some hairdressing accessories will help you add more body to the hair. A big, round brush is incredibly useful while drying your hair. Keep rolling strand by strand and lift each one of those. A similar effect can be achieved when you use big hair rollers. Wash the hair, apply mousse, put on the rollers and use a gentle and warm air-stream of your dryer. Take the rollers off after 15 minutes and finish the hairdo using your fingers.

I’d also advise you to always carry a dry shampoo with you. Not only does this cosmetic absorb the excess of sebum but also it limits sebum production. Also, dry shampoo is able to lift your hair at roots and boost hair volume. Sounds good, I know.

Volume-deprived, thin hair? Things you should stay away from

If you style and follow some thin hair care tips, then you should know that one of the worse things that you can possibly do is apply too much of a hair styling product. For example, remember that a hair mask should be applied from ear-level downward. However, if you apply hair mask to your scalp, you have to follow with a trichology cleansing peel for your scalp. This product will remove the excess of hair mask, dead skin cells, impurities and sebum. Hair will gain reinforcement and prettier look.

Also, try not to sleep with wet hair. Otherwise, the strands lose their volume. It’s also worth realizing that the moisture might encourage bacteria to multiply on your hair and damp pillow cases. Therefore, if you have washed your hair at bedtime, let it get air-dried or use a hair dryer before you go to bed.


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