How to get paradisal look? Give a go to ‘Paradise’ mascara by L’Oreal Paris


Eyeshadows and eyeliner combined together aren’t enough to help you look beautiful. Therefore, you will make a good use of a mascara, as well. In my case, it’s Paradise mascara by L’Oreal Paris that suits me best. If you want to get paradisal and exotic look, give the mascara a go, just as I did it.

Out of this world lashes by L’Oreal Paris

When I used the mascara for the first time I didn’t expect it to deliver such a marvellous effect! My eye make-up changed almost completely! I can’t imagine coating my lashes with any other mascara now. The one by L’Oreal Paris I’m describing right now is just perfect and I won’t replace it with any other mascara. How does it work? Together with the first coat you deliver thickness, extension and curl to lashes. Moreover, it makes lashes coated with deep black colour, and my eyes win sexy frame.

Who I recommend Paradise mascara by L’Oreal Paris to?

This is a cosmetic designed for self-confident and brave women. It delivers very obvious effects and I find it perfect for topping up evening make-up. I would also recommend Paradise mascara by L’Oreal Paris to those people who want to take care of eye skin area while applying make-up. For this very group of people, the brand has included loggerhead extract and castor oil into the composition of the cosmetic. Thanks to these substances, eyelashes become longer and the delicate skin around eye is conditioned.

How do I apply the mascara?

Of course, I do this as one of the last steps of applying make-up, when my eyelids are already done, and lashes curled. The mascara’s brush arranges the lashes evenly, thanks to which, the cosmetic coats all eyelashes with precision. Even the shortest lashes are coated, the ones located in the corners of the eyes. But how in particular use Paradise mascara by L’Oreal Paris? Run the brush along lashes applying zig-zag motion. Lower lashes and the ones growing in the corners of the eyes treat with the tip of the applicator. The effect will be stunning!


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