How to take care of neck and cleavage? Simple beauty routines we tend to forget to practise

Conditioning neck and cleavage is one of elements that we consciously omit when it comes to our daily beauty routine. Girls, let’s be honest, do you take care of these body parts as you do it with the face, hands and hair? I bet, you don’t. I know it well myself (although I’m trying to change this bad habit of mine!).

Do you know that…

Skin of neck and cleavage is more delicate than other body parts since it is even 0,2 mm thinner. Moreover, it features less collagen and elasticin fibres. Also, it almost lacks fat as it has small number of sebaceous glands. What does that mean?

Delicacy and slightly different structure determines applying other techniques of conditioning neck and cleavage skin. Again, neck and cleavage dermis is fast to get flabby and dehydrated. Wrinkles, discolorations and signs of ageing first appear on neck and cleavage, then they spread over the other body parts. Not only this skin area loses elasticity faster but also it becomes rough and irritated fairly quickly.


First and foremost, it is crucial to remember about conditioning these body parts. Indeed, this more delicate and damage-prone skin of neck and cleavage is partly a fault of nature, but mostly it is us who contribute to its poor state. In short, all you need to do is keep replenishing the skin with water regularly and suppling it with nutrients to provide your neck and cleavage with good health. It’s a pity we so frequently forget to pamper these body parts…

Day cream

Neck and cleavage skin requires constant moisturisation, nourishment and regeneration. However, let me calm you down, you don’t have to apply any special cosmetics to these body parts. Let me tell you even more, you won’t make a mistake when you use a face cream to apply it to neck and cleavage. If put on the cosmetic in a gentle manner, it will be providing moisturisation to your dermis all day long. Nevertheless, we must pay attention and search for cosmetics featuring many vitamins such as A, C and E. Our gentle skin will be also grateful for being supplied with flavonoids, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, collagen and fruit acids AHA. Also, look for products containing chestnut extract and arnica extract. All of the enumerated ingredients are responsible for delivering deep moisturisation and work anti-oxygenating, they slow down skin ageing processes. In fact, you can also make a good use of a light UV filter in order to protect this delicate skin of neck and cleavage from the destructive influence of the sun (make sure the day cream you are going to apply features SPF, don’t apply a separate product).

Night serum

Crucial is also evening neck and cleavage care because, at night, skin has better opportunity to regenerate itself. Therefore, in the evening reach either for a face serum or your favourite oil such as macadamia oil or sweet almond oil. If it happens that we have neither of the products, we can massage the content of two capsules with vitamins A and E. It’s also important to apply a highly concentrated and nourishing product that will deliver the looked-for action during our well-deserved nigh time rest.

Natural peeling

Although skin of neck and cleavage is super delicate, we shouldn’t ignore the importance of exfoliating dead epidermis cells from its surface. Which peeling is the best one? In my opinion, the most favourable is coffee peeling since grinded coffee has small exfoliating particles and, at the same time, contains skin firming caffeine. Another good point is that this kind of cosmetic can be prepared at home by mixing the grinded coffee beans with 2-3 spoons of olive oil or any other favourite oil. Once the cosmetic is ready, apply it using circular motions, go on massaging it into skin for a few minutes and then, of course, rinse. I recommend undergoing this treatment even because of the marvellous smell it produces.

Conditioning wet dressing

Once a week, it’s worth applying wet dressing containing hot olive oil or fish liver oil; this will provide your delicate skin with double the dosage of nourishment. How to do this? Slowly warm up the oil and then put damp gauze into the liquid. As it is not hard to predict, you have to apply damp gauze to neck and cleavage. It’s worth securing the wet dressing using food oil or a towel; this will also help with maintaining warm temperature. Now, you have a half of an hour to relax. Note, once in a while you can warm up the wet dressing due to, for example, warm airstream of a blow-dryer. Of course, we have to make the device ready (put it near us and plug in) before applying the wet dressing on the skin.

Skin firming massage

I think that skin firming features delivered by massaging are frequently depreciated. I love this procedure because I can carry it out in the evening while putting on an oil. What’s important, cleavage has to be massaged by applying circular motions starting from the middle part heading shoulders. When it comes to neck, it should be massaged starting from the base of chin moving downwards reaching shoulders (I know that most women tend to massage neck the other way round, which is a mistake). After a few minutes, it is suggested tapping chin with the dorsal side of a hand to stimulate skin’s blood supply. It’s simple, isn’t it?

Erect posture

I know, it may sound banal but straight back is crucial here. In most cases, it’s everything you need to minimalize wrinkling of neck and cleavage skin. Erect posture with slightly rinsed chin and squared shoulders doesn’t only look better but is also an easy way to make skin more supple.

Moreover, it’s even worth changing some of our sleeping habits to prevent our neck and cleavage skin from wrinkling. In short, it’s suggested sleeping on the back, because laying on our belly distorts our breast skin and wrinkles our delicate cleavage skin. Also, the pillow we put our head on can’t be too high because this makes us put the chin closer to the neck. This, in turn, encourages wrinkles.

Treatments at a beauty salon’s

Are there any other methods to take care of neck and cleavage skin? Of course, you can also expose yourself to professional treatments, especially when you don’t have time for regular care procedures or when the home treatments have stopped bringing out effects any longer. In a beauty salon you can undergo nourishing and skin firming treatments. Such procedures improve skin tension as well as reinforce collagen and elasticin fibres. One of such treatments is mesolift – a treatment that depends on injecting rejuvenating substances into neck and cleavage skin parts that feature wrinkles. Another option is iontophoresis – a procedure that requires using special metal rollers to massage a nourishing gel (featuring vegetable extracts) into neck and cleavage. You can also visit a beauty parlour just to get neck and cleavage massaged professionally. Undoubtedly, there are plenty of options to choose.


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