How to treat keloid scars? Characteristic, causes, cures

Keloid is a kind of skin blemish. It’s hard to cure keloids but it’s worth giving a shot. You are about to discover the most effective ways of removing these imperfections and learn how to get smooth skin and even skin tone.

What are keloid scars?

Keloid is an overgrown and hard granulation tissue which is usually the result of skin injury. Formation of keloid depends on the skin area which is injured. Still, in most cases, keloids develop due to genetic susceptibility. They usually affect the following areas: chest, upper back, shoulders and ear lobes.

Keloid scars have smooth surface and grow over the skin surface. They have hard structure and their color ranges from pink to brown (depending on the level of melanin in skin). Sometimes, keloids are accompanied by itching, pain and hypersensitivity to touch.

What are the causes of keloid formation?

Keloid scars are the result of improper skin healing process when there is excessive collagen production. Other triggers of keloids include dark skin phototype, young age, kelid occurence in family, burns.

What does keloid treatment involve?

  • Keloid treatment requires time and use of various techniques. The most popular ones include surgical treatment, steroid treatment, cryotherapy, laser therapy or silicone gel sheeting.
  • Surgical treatment might seem 100% effective. Too bad, it’s the other way round: the scars are likely to regrow. That’s why it’s a good idea to combine this therapy with steroids which together ensure nearly full recovery. On the other hand, you might be left with serious adverse effects which is unacceptable for most patients.
  • Cryotherapy is another keloid treatment which involves freezing the tissues with the use of liquid nitrogen. Laser therapy, on the other hand, reduces amount of collagen produced during skin healing process. When it comes to silicone, it is used in form of sheets or ointments. This method soothes itchiness, improves skin tone and reduces tightness of tissues around the scars.

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