Konjac sponges – Which one to recommend? The best face sponges

Far, far away from here, almost at the end of the world, there is a beautiful island called Jeju, which is also known as Love Land. Not only is it the paradise for love-strucks, but also for all nature lovers in general. Jeju is famous for mesmerising landscapes, colourful flowers, fantasy and ecstasy 😉

The island is full of sculptures presenting very explicit love scenes (just google Love Land). Also, you can find there endless meadows and cliffed coasts. You can enjoy the view of winding paths that lead to sandy beaches. What’s worth mentioning, Jeju is also said to be the cleanest part of Korea, free from any kind of pollution and contamination. It was even included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Why did I write such a lengthy introduction, resembling the one taken from a guidebook, when I want to write about a regular face sponge?

Well, Konjac sponge isn’t all that regular.

It was designed in this super pure region, on Jeju island.

Amorphophallus konjac is a perennial plant which originates from Asia. Its natural environment are mountains. This collected form the purest mountain Jeju regions sponge is full of goodness. But it’s not ‘just’ a sponge. Konjac is used to face cleansing, and to be more precise, to cleanse face deep without leaving skin disturbed. These beauty items are the most effective ones and produce great outcomes because, despite the cleansing per se, they also nourish skin. Moreover, Konjac are sponges that contain a wide range of natural substances the action of which is strongly regenerative and beautifying. In short, the sponges include carbohydrates, proteins, iron, phosphor, copper, zinc as well as the following vitamins A, E, D, B1. B6, B12, C. In Japan Konjac has been used for ages to heal and beautify.

The sponge has to be put into fresh water or you can pour a few drops of an oil, tonic, aloe juice or herbal infusion over it. Then, when damp, press Konjac against your skin and with delicate and circular motions massage the face. In this way, not only will you nourish the skin but also remove dead epidermis cells and stimulate blood circulation.

Sometimes Konjac sponges feature various cosmetic clays, which intensifies the action of minerals and vitamins. This is the action our oily and combination skin need. The best Konjac sponges are produced by The Konjac Sponge Co and Konjac Rainforest – these are the sponges that are enriched with this cosmetic clay content. I love these sponges so much!


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