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Does natural hair care pay off?

I have no doubts. Products based on natural ingredients work far better in daily hair care than expensive cosmetics abounding in strange substances. Although silicone serums deliver instant effects, natural oils benefits are longer-lasting and less harmful for the hair. So, I hold it up: NATURAL HAIR CARE RULES! <3

What natural hair products are worth choosing?

I know from my own experience that there are two ways: individual natural ingredients or products including checked substances. If you want to take care of your hair in a natural way, you must use natural products.

  • Pure hair oils that you match to your hair porosity (structure) to enjoy amazing results of regular hair oiling.
  • Other natural products for making DIY hair masks; the most popular: with yoghurt, honey, lemon juice, avocado, banana, etc.
  • Ready-made natural products that are based on oils and plant ingredients, free from silicones, preservatives, alcohols, etc.

First two options work for those who have more time for everyday hair care and like making their own cosmetics. For others, the third option is much better.

My hair care is taken over by


What does the brand offer that other brands fail to provide?

It makes products in harmony with nature. The cosmetics deliver amazing effects. Professional Waterclouds hair products come from Sweden and can be found in the best hair salons and well-stored chemists. Nature is the inspiration for Waterclouds. That’s why their main ingredients are natural and paraben-free, come from organic crops.

Waterclouds products are available in a few categories: moisturising, regenerating and volume-boosting, for color-treated hair, for styling, anti-allergic and anti-dandruff, for men e.g. beard and moustache care.

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