Liquid lipstick? Why not! Liquid Lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills


Some cosmetics are so incredible that you just can’t stop using them. One of my recent favourites is a liquid lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills. What’s so special and unique about this product? You will find the answer o this question in today’s post. Keep on reading!

Why the ABH lipstick became my favourite product?

Well, there are many reasons. First of all, the brand offers a wide range of shades that I like to match to my mood or occasion. For instance, there are pinks, violets, reds, bronzes; there’s even a sea-green one! Secondly, Liquid Lipstick is saturated with a high content of pigments which provides intense and long-lasting makeup. Thirdly, the application of Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick is very easy. There is an applicator with a sponge that matches the lip shape for precise use. Last, but not least, the product has never been animal tested and is suitable even for vegans.

How to use Liquid Lipstick from ABH?

As the name indicates, the product has a liquid consistency. However, the lipstick can emphasize dry skin, and in some cases, dry out your lips, therefore, before each application, I like to exfoliate my lips and apply a generous amount of a moisturising lip balm. Next, I apply a thin layer of Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick making sure not to smudge all over the face. I usually add another thin layer of the cosmetic. It gives the satin-matte finish. However, sometimes, when I feel like having a more shimmery look, I add a bit of lipgloss on the top or just another layer of my lip balm.

How to prolong the wear of Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick?

Anastasia Beverly Hills has in its offer a lipstick primer. It is a colourless product in the form of a stick that is designed to prolong the wear of other lip cosmetics. Also, it smooths the lips and ensures a more vivid colour. Simply apply it to your bare lips and then cover it with Liquid Lipstick. You can also apply it with the use of a small brush or just your fingertip. The effects will be natural and the makeup will last through the day.

Would you like to try out Liquid Lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills? What your go-to lip product?


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