Methods of dealing with dry and rough hands? My daily hand care

Hands reveal a lot about ourselves. Since they do thousands of various activities throughout a day, they deserve to be treated the right way. In order to help them look neat and prevent their pre-mature ageing, it’s worth taking proper care of them every day. What are the proven methods of dealing with dry and rough hands? Which hand cream to choose? How to apply salt hand scrub? Hand scrub and nail conditioner – do I recommend the very products? Here is how my daily hand care looks like.

Hand cream

Skin located on the palmar side of hands is thicker and full of sensory receptors, whereas the skin area located on the dorsal side its rather thin, delicate and almost deprived of subcutaneous tissue. Thanks to this, we can bend fingers and use our hand for precise manual work.

Sadly, the lack of subcutaneous tissue, which is mainly build of fat cells, makes hands the very body part that gets affected by the passing time as the fastest; and this becomes clear to notice when we turn 30. Although it is a completely natural process, we can slow it down. How? Start with applying a hand cream on daily basis. Choose a product that will do both: protect your hand skin and replenish it with water.

If your hand skin is rough and dry, choose a cream containing urea, glycerine and sorbitol that bonds water on the epidermis surface. Preparations with vitamin E, retinol, hyaluronic acid and collagen reinforce skin and deliver anti-wrinkle action. When it comes to panthenol, lanoline and calcium, the very ingredients soothe irritations, therefore they are recommended to treat problematic skin type, including atopic dermatitis.

It is worth realizing that one hand cream might not be efficient enough. A lightweight cream which deliver moisturising action is useful mainly in the summer and when you spend most of your time in heated rooms, but a rich cream, a protective one, should be used in the winter, every time when you spend time outdoors.

Salt hand scrub

Salt hand scrub will light your skin up and smooth out the hands providing that you apply it regularly, best if you do this once a week. If you want to prepare it, just mix a spoon of salt with a spoon of olive oil. Keep massaging the homemade scrub until the salt starts melting. After that wash your hands and wipe your skin hands with water mixed with lemon juice (proportions 1:1). The final step is to towel hands precisely and coat them with a moisturising cream. Salt smooths out and improves skin elasticity. The fruit acids that lemon contains highlight discolorations.

Hand scrub and nail conditioner

Before you roll up your sleeves and start cleaning up your home, apply hand scrub. Treating your nails with a decent conditioner is another wise thing to do. If you want to gift yourself with such a treat, start from applying either a semi-rich or rich cream. Basically, I’d recommend you to reach for biological or laboratory gloves. Why? Because such gloves are able to create a kind of insensible film that protects skin against impurities and damaging chemical substances. The cream is supposed to start working within 2 minutes from being spread over hands.

Then, apply oil to you nails; you can either go for a nail conditioner bought in a drugstore or regular olive oil. Put on latex gloves or rubber ones with an additional cotton layer inside if you happen to be allergic to latex, and start cleaning up the house. When you finish, remember not to wash your hands in hot water because it dehydrates epidermis (its temperature shouldn’t be higher than 20 degrees Celsius). Instead doing so, dry your hands delicately by pressing towel spot by spot. Don’t forget to precisely dry the skin area located between your fingers. Then you can wash the hands and apply a hand cream.

What are your methods of dealing with dry and rough hands? How does your daily hand care look like?


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