My best face serum? Biotherm, Blue Therapy, Serum-In-Oil. Review

Looking for a good face serum took me ages.

Against all appearances it’s not that simple task.

Many products of concentrated compositions and intensive action can trigger allergic reactions and irritate skin. My road to finding this one, perfect product was long. During this ‘trip’ I experienced many unpleasant surprises such as clogged skin pores, serum that instead of being absorbed ‘rolled’, and many other weird situations I’d rather they hadn’t happened… I was about losing my hope to find an effective rejuvenating cosmetic until my beautician advised me to search for a product that contains essential fatty acids that belong to omega groups.

In this way, I found Biotherm, Serum-In-Oil from Blue Therapy series.

I was tempted not only by the oils in the composition but also because of the algae content which is known for having intensively regenerative and rejuvenating features. Moreover, Biotherm face oil also contains sea sugar which takes care of moisture and elasticity of skin.

The serum’s task is to regenerate, rejuvenate and remove wrinkles by balancing pH level of skin. It’s suitable to be applied night – thanks to this the serum has the right amount of time to get absorbed fully.

My complexion is combination and, to be honest with you, I was afraid that the oils would overburden my skin and leave it with unattractive shine. Luckily enough, nothing like that took place. During night the oil soaks into the skin and in the morning I always ascertain a fact that my skin looks smooth, rested and radiant.

It’s easy to notice the difference in the look of my face just after the first usage of Serum-In-Oil. My complexion has gained a pretty shade and looks well-rested. Day after day it was gaining elasticity and after two weeks I noticed that the wrinkles were less visible; the skin around eyes has become smooth. I’m so satisfied with the way the serum works that I bought the second bottle the moment I used up the first one. Also, I complement my face skin care with under eye creams as well as day and night creams that belong to Blue Therapy series.

During the winter season, when face skin has the tendency towards dehydration and irritation, I mix a drop of the serum with my foundation. Thanks to that, I provide my face skin with additional protection. Biotherm Serum-In-Oil also makes skin look radiant and healthy.

I highly recommend the product to everyone who is looking for an effective and intensively rejuvenating face serum. Biotherm Serum-In-Oil has 30 ml capacity and is surprisingly efficient. It took me four months and a half to use up the entire bottle of the product.


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