Push-up effect in hair. My methods of boosting hair volume

You keep asking me how to lift hair at the roots. Indeed, a hairdo deprived of volume is a problem, which in my case is just normal. However, I managed to work my way out from this seemingly cul-de-sac. Here are my ways of creating push-up effect in hair, which are strands lifted at its roots!

Let’s begin with stating what makes hair flat. Not everybody knows that in most cases we are the ones to blame for our hair being, let’s call it, lifeless. It happens that we don’t take care of hair the way we should. What am I talking about?

The most common reasons for flat hair:

  • lack of freeing hair from cosmetic residues and silicons;
  • applying hair conditioner too close to hair roots;
  • wearing a part in the exact same place for years, no changes in hairstyle;
  • hormone disorder or stress that accelerate hair greasing;
  • applying too much of natural oils.

Now, it’s time for you to analyse the above-mentioned sins. Do you keep committing some of them? Perhaps you don’t even pay attention to the way you treat the hair with daily. However, it’s highly possible that when you succeed in finding and eliminating the core of the problem, you will no longer have to fix your constantly flat hair. Your hair will regain its lost lightness and fluffiness.

Nevertheless, sometimes it happens that by nature we have:


Strands might be thin, with tendency to get greasy, be genetically weaker. Then it’d be really tough to add volume to it by doing nothing else except minimizing the amount of silicons applied.

And this is exactly the hair type I own. Even when I cleanse my scalp well and apply only natural conditioners that don’t contain huge amounts of overburdening substances, there is much to be desired in terms to full push-up effect. However, it doesn’t mean that my hair is flat constantly!

I was lucky enough to discover plenty of methods that help me add volume to even exceptionally unruly hair that cling closely to the scalp after washing. If you’re curious what tricks to lift hair at roots I have in mind, go on reading!


My ways of creating fuller-looking hair, which work for me, are as follows:

  1. Blow-drying the hair upside down – in most cases we blow dry our hair by standing in front of the mirror and directing a stream of hot air by holding the dryer above the head. Sadly, by doing so we make our hair even more flat. Therefore, next time try flipping your hair down and blow dry the hair in this position. Once you return to your normal erect position, the strands should be straight and significantly more voluminous. Indeed, blow-drying hair while keeping your head down does lift hair at its roots.
  2. Using a round hair brush while blow drying – when it comes to blow drying, it’s a really good idea to buy a big, round hairbrush. While blow drying small sections of hair and rolling each one of the strands on a round hairbrush, you can expect to create really effective hair volume!
  3. Using a diffuser – this option is especially recommended to all the girls whose hair is naturally curly and want to gift their locks with more volume, and enhance the curl too. A diffuser attached to a blow-dryer is a simple way to lift hair at roots, create the push-up effect and bring out the hair natural curl. All of this translates into boosted hair volume.
  4. Big rollers or hot rollers – another idea to create push-up effect in hair is application of various kinds of accessories that leave hair curly. It’s obvious that curls and weaves are more voluminous than straight hair, which makes it automatically lifted at roots providing that you roll them close to the scalp.
  5. Backcombing – it’s a well-know hairdressing technique that depends on ‘ruffling’ hair so as to make it look as if it was more of it. Personally, I rarely turn to this method because I’ve got this impression that hair gets damaged, breaks and tangles more easily if backcombed. However, I know many supporters of this controversial hair-volume-boosting technique.
  6. Hair mousse – the easiest way to lift roots and create the looked-for volume is by applying a hair mousse. I guess, I have to mention this technique because hair mousse is a basic hair care product that was primarily created to lift hair roots. The most important thing though is to apply mousse in the right way, which isn’t complicated at all. You just have to press a small amount of the mousse into the upper parts of the hair by kneading the product into the strands.
  7. Whisked egg whites (homemade hair mousse) – it’s my beloved technique that I learnt from my hairdresser. It appears that drugstore hair mousses can be replaced with whisked egg whites, which is an outstanding hair styling substance. All you have to do is apply a small amount of this homemade hair mousse to damp hair and follow with blow drying.
  8. Dry shampoo – basically, a dry shampoo was created to bring back freshness to hair when we don’t have enough time to wash the strands properly, or when there are some other reasons why we don’t want to shampoo the strands. Apart from the fact that a dry shampoo is good at absorbing the excess of sebum and freshening up a hairdo, it also lifts hair at roots and makes it more rough, which translates into boosted and lasting hair volume.
  9. Sleeping with tied hair – you can fight for hair volume even while sleeping. Just tie the hair with a soft hair band. To be more precise, arrange the hair in a loose bun. Once you let your hair down, you can expect your strands to win double the volume, to be lifted at roots and nicely weaved.
  10. Combing hair in the right way – finally, I’m going to share the simplest technique possible, which is changing your regular hairdo. Just run your fingers through hair, ‘ruffle’ it slightly, change the hair part or swap the side of your fringe. This will help your strands get lifted naturally. And the best thing about this method is that you can apply it anytime, anywhere!

I hope I helped you! 🙂


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