Shea butter vs argan oil – what really rejuvenates the skin?

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It’s finally the time – after a few long months – I have finally finished testing two of the most popular oils: argan oil and shea butter. 

I know that many of you would love to read more on coconut oil, but unfortunately, this one has been disqualified from the start – it has comedogenic effects on my skin and it not as well absorbed I people claim. When it comes to my hair, it gets extremely frizzy. There surely a grain of truth that coconut oil is perfect for oil blends of a few natural oils. It is an ideal stabilizer and makes the hair cosmetic lighter. Unfortunately, it completely doesn’t work for my face – except for make-up removal. But the test was about finding the best rejuvenating oils. Are they the so-called “iron for wrinkles” or not? Here is a comparison of two oils, with the strongest anti-aging properties. Let’s get this started. 

Argan oil in face care – use, effects

I started off with argan oil as the first one. To be honest, I was a bit terrified by the thick formula of shea butter. In the summer, people just don’t like applying heavy stuff to their face, that’s all. It’s not the best approach because oils provide a perfect protection against solar radiation, so in fact, there is nothing better to shield the skin from sun rays than oils. They don’t just protect the face but the hair and body too. I must tell you that I went a bit crazy with argan oil and started applying it all over my body – especially after coming back from the beach. It was my number one hit after sunbathing! It doesn’t only enhance the tan but it’s also quickly absorbed.

In regard to the hair, I was also satisfied with the results. It did not weigh it down but left it soft, bouncy and weightless. How did I use it? After leaving the pool or the sea, I rubbed it into towel-dried hair. It is great for protecting the hair ends which tend to look worse after a few days spent at the beach. Despite all that, I am sure you are all waiting for the most important ‘exam’…

Argan oil in face care – does it really rejuvenate the skin?

Of course, there are no miracles, don’t be deceived, no cosmetic will work like the aesthetic medicine treatment… in other words, no miracle will happen and your face will not be beautiful over one (or several) nights. However, I must admit that the regular use of argan oil cares for the face perfectly. Thanks to it, the skin does not lose its moisture and gains elasticity. I was most surprised that my first mimic wrinkles in the eye area were no longer so visible. The skin became more elastic and supple, smoothed and brightened.

The only downside that I noticed in the oil is paradoxically the one that at the beginning was considered an advantage. I thought that the liquid formula of the oil is better suited for skin care and thus the oil will be easier to absorb. Unfortunately, it turned out that argan oil applied under the eyes just often got into the conjunctival sac and irritated the iris. Have you ever tried to rinse the fat oil out of your eye? I do not recommend it. Tedious job to do and even a small amount of it causes discomfort. I do not know … I do not quite understand how some girls apply castor oil to their eyelashes … it supposed to strengthen and nourish lashes. However, I definitely prefer eyelash serum and I am not as desperate as to risk visual acuity for beautiful eyelashes.

Therefore, argan oil on the face and under the eyes works well, but has its own minor drawbacks – you have to be careful with the application. Extremely careful.

Shea butter – use, effects 

Shea butter turned out to be a very beautifully scented, extremely soft butter – while coconut oil is either a leaking mass or a hard rock solid – at room temperature shea butter has the form of a slightly thick cream – not so thick that it might hinder scooping it with your finger and applying it to your face. Under the influence of heat, shea butter, of course, quickly gets a little thinner and spreads well on both the skin and hair. Does it burden your complexion? I have the impression that argan oil in this area was doing … a bit worse. I used both products for the night, so in the morning I could compare which one was absorbed better. It turned out that argan oil formed a fairly solid layer on it, and shea butter was almost completely absorbed.

It also worked pretty good on my hair – at the beginning I was afraid that if shea butter – just like coconut oil – fits the hair with low porosity – it will certainly turn my hair into the so-called hay – but it turned out that shea butter is quite different selection of fatty acids and can also be successfully applied to hair with medium porosity. Voila. This way, the beautifully scented butter has become my favorite conditioner for thin, prone to frizziness strands. And what about its anti-aging properties?

Shea butter in face care – does it really rejuvenate the skin?

Well… I am not sure if I can say with a clear conscience that it is better than argan oil, but it certainly has equally effective action and comparable effects. Wrinkles become less visible, the skin gets firmer and looks younger. What’s more – shea butter – due to its consistency – did not get into my eyes and thanks to that I was able to wake up every morning without looking at the hazy world around. In this respect, definitely shea butter wins over argan oil.

To finally see the effects – both when using shea butter and argan oil – you need to be patient. The improvement of skin elasticity does not take place at once – a few weeks are needed, but in my opinion, it is worth trying out natural cosmetics – they are free of synthetics, do not sensitize and provide excellent results.

If you intend to use any of the above-mentioned oils for the skin in the eye area – I definitely recommend shea butter – its application is simply more pleasant and the effects are very similar.

Perhaps some of you used any other oils as rejuvenating treatments? Please, make sure to share your experience in the comments!


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