Vitamins for mature skin – A, C, E also known as youth alphabet

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I know that my blog is visited by not only the youth but also women who are over 35 years old and those… way older. To be true, I’m not a teenager myself so I’m trying to maintain this blog so that it reaches out to all women, no matter the age, hair, eyes or skin colour. It is dedicated to all of you who wish to be and to feel beautiful and just like to take care of themselves 🙂 Just like that. Therefore, my posts are targeted at various age groups, so today I will talk some more about rejuvenating substances for the skin. Mature skin is not able to live without them… If you think that it’ll be a story about some unusual and advanced ingredients, I must disappoint you. Mature skin care is based on the beneficial action of the good old vitamins. Without those, even super advanced treatments or components will never have this much repair power. Vitamins for mature skin is like the water for fish 😉

Vitamin old-school 🙂 is extremely effective on the skin and nothing will ever change it. After all, vitamins are the perfect rejuvenating spectrum with an incredible powder. An example? Vitamin C — the energetic titan that stimulates cells to more efficient work, energizes and activates over 300 enzymes in cells. It takes part in almost all anti-ageing processes and is famous mostly due to stimulation of collagen synthesis.

Mature skin should never underestimate the miraculous and rejuvenating impact of vitamins. It is worth knowing which of them are best for use preventively in anti-ageing treatments and you should look for those in creams and skin care cosmetics.

Vitamins for mature skin — the list

Which vitamins are best for mature skin? How do those work on skin? Here’s mini — knowledge compendium on vitamins 🙂
  • Vitamin A (retinol, retinyl palmitate) — is responsible for the mitotic activity of skin cells. Its lack results in dryness and skin peeling. Vitamin A speeds up epidermis exfoliation. Thanks to it, skin preserves its good condition and the surface has fewer pigmentation changes and discolouration. Moreover, vitamin A stimulates hyaluronic acid production, has anti-wrinkle action and makes skin more elastic.
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) — regulates sebum level on the skin surface, improves work of sebaceous glands, prevents dryness, takes care of proper hydration and elasticity level of the mature skin.
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol) — is a strong antioxidant and an ingenious weapon in dealing with skin and hair ageing processes. There is a good reason for calling vitamin E “the vitamin of youth”. It supports other vitamins, for example, it prevents oxidation of vitamin A in the organism. Vitamin E is a guardian on the watch of skin condition: thanks to it, mature skin is elastic, firm and has proper hydration level.
  • Vitamin C — mentioned above “warrior in the fight for youth” of skin. It perfectly rejuvenates and revitalises makes complexion even and reduces wrinkles. It makes skin full of youthful energy, it’s regenerated and firm. What is more, vitamin C indicates cleansing properties — supports toxins removal from the organism and will not allow the pollution to get inside.
  • Vitamin F (EFA) — good fatty acids which guard youth, making sure all processes in skin cells happen correctly and prevent all dysfunction processes. Vitamin F source is most of all natural oils. Their properties were known in ancient times. Today, natural oils have their renascence — are irreplaceable in mature skin care and invaluable in hair care. Rejuvenate and regenerate, repair all skin damages, protect and flatten wrinkles. Natural oils contain much more than just vitamin F, so are a strong competitor for synthetic cosmetics.
  • Vitamin K — takes part in the correct blood coagulation, it is invaluable for the couperose skin due to great impact on the healing of wounds caused by cracked blood vessels. It improves skin complexion, takes care of sensitive, loose and dull skin. Vitamin K indicates lightening properties on skin, helps to get rid of pigmentation changes.

Treatments for mature skin or how to use vitamins?

Vitamins for mature skin — in order for them to penetrate deeper skin layers, vitamins should be supported by liposomes. They are transporting vitamins to the deep skin layers so that they reach where needed and repair epidermis. Liposomes are microscopic particles commonly found in natural oils. The tiny liposome “transporters” have such an important role that currently no good cream or serum for mature skin can be used without natural oil. Cosmetics rich in liposomes are: argan, shea, marula. Their presence intensifies anti-ageing creams action so when buying a cream, you should check is it contains natural oils. Great idea is to use argan oil, shea butter or raspberry seed oil as a base for vitamin infused cream. Then the ingredients have a clear path to the deeper skin layers. Another method is to buy vitamins in their pure version for mature skin and add it to the oil of choice. It is a great idea to create a home-made vitamin bomb for the skin.

Do you know any home-made and quick methods that introduce vitamins to mature skin care? Perhaps, you have some interesting recipes for home-made face masks or scrub? You must tell me all about it in the comment section. Your ideas may become my inspiration for a separate post about mature skin care 🙂 Have a wonderful day!


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