3 Best Hair Cosmetics That I’ve Used So Far

Hi, girls!

There are products that I like going back to. Most of all, these are hair oils, masks and conditioners. They all condition the scalp and hair, contain natural ingredients that reinforce and nourish my strands. Do you know these cosmetics?

Healing Oil Spray Macadamia Professional

The product is brilliant due to the easy application. It has a lightweight formula that you spray onto hair and wait until it gets absorbed. Macadamia Professional moisturises, protects and delivers shine. It makes hair soft to the touch, easy to style and smooth. Moreover, the product includes macadamia oil that provides the scalp and hair with lots of valuable vitamins and micronutrients. How do I use Healing Oil Spray Macadamia Professional? Before the application, I thoroughly wash my hair and squeeze out the excess of water with a paper towel. Next, I spritz my hair, blow dry and style. My hairdo is complete!

Revlon Uniq One Hair Treatment

The set includes two masks (150 ml and 300 ml) recommended for dry and damaged hair. How do Revlon Professional products work? They make your hair smooth, moisturised and glossy. Interestingly, they protect from heat, sunrays and free radicals. Revlon masks make hair easier to comb out and style, prevent color-fade and split ends. How do I use Revlon cosmetic? I apply the larger mask to wet hair, leave in for a few minutes and wash off. I apply the smaller product to dry strands and leave it in. I use the masks once a week.

Matrix Total Results Texture Games

It’s a unique product. It lets you create any type of hairstyle. It works amazing for my hairdo: I use it for smoothing frizzy hair and fixing curls. Matrix Total Results Texture Games doesn’t make hair sticky or weighed down. On the other hand, it defines its natural texture. How do I use Matrix Total Results Texture Games? I apply a small quantity to dry hair and style my hairdo. The product has 150 ml and lasts very long.


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