Dull Hair after Washing? Follow 3 Simple Rules to Make It Shine!

Do you ever spend hours doing your hair and end up with flat, dull strands? Every girl’s been there! Thankfully, I’ve found a fix for my hair after trying different products and methods. Now I know the things that my hair loves and hates. Keep reading to see how to prevent dullness while washing the hair. You can also enjoy shiny, perfectly-moisturized tresses for longer!

What is dull hair like?

Hair looks shiny and lovely only when the cuticle scales are closed. They open while washing so we need to remember to close them back. So, dull hair is caused by a porous external layer. The hair looks shiness right after washing? I know how to fix that. Following three rules will keep your hair from getting dull after shampooing!

1. Suitable shampoo

What makes you buy a specific shampoo? Brand, fragrance, good deal? What about ingredients? If you look into the list of components, you’re doing the right thing. The formula is the most important. If you’ve got shineless hair, you need a really mild shampoo which doesn’t dry out the hair intensifying the dullness. Use SLS-free shampoo on a daily basis (use SLS product once a week to deep-clean the scalp, don’t use it more often). The choice of the right shampoo is halfway to success!

2. How do you wash your hair?

This sounds like a silly question but asking it makes sense because many people don’t do it the right way. You apply the shampoo just on the scalp. Hair will do with a mask or conditioner. What’s more, the temperature of water you use while rinsing the shampoo or conditioner matters as well. Don’t use warm water for this purpose because it won’t seal the cuticle layer but will take shine away. Always rinse the hair with lukewarm water to close the cuticles for smoother, glossy hair. You can use cold water for final rinsing to boost the smoothness but it isn’t necessary.

3. After washing…

If you wrap hair in a turban and walk like that for half an hour, it is a really bad thing. Bacteria build up on towels, plus you create something like sauna, causing dull, greasy hair and itchy scalp. So, instead of doing that, I suggest squeezing excess water in a towel or cotton t-shirt, not leaving it on. Let the hair dry naturally or get a dryer. If you choose the second option, do it right to avoid damage and dullness. Before drying, secure the hair using a small amount of hair oil or silicone serum. While drying, set cool airflow and don’t hold the nozzle too close (ten-inch distance is fine). Another tip: move the dryer from the roots to the ends for extra smoothness.

If you follow the 3 rules your hair will always look shiny after washing. Have you got some other remedies for dull hair? Share them in a comment please!


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