Finally, I’ve found the ideal shade of foundation! How did I do this?

Hello girls!

After all the struggles I’ve got the foundation which shade ideally blends with my complexion’s colour! Finally, after many shopping mistakes and failures I came across a shade that melts into my complexion, doesn’t leave any stains, doesn’t create so-called mask effect and is just amazing. Today, I’m going to tell you how I matched its shade to my complexion’s.

I bet each of you girls has heard about skin phototype classification created by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick. So, this American dermatologist divided skin shades into six types. He took into consideration the amount of melanin, which is a tint that colours our face and body skin. Thanks to this, he distinguished:

phototype I: this is a, so-called, porcelain-shaded or ivory-shaded complexion – this type of skin gets suntanned fast and is prone to sunburns therefore, it has to be protected with high sun protection filters (30-50 SPF). People of the first phototype have blonde hair and either blue or green eyes.

phototype II: fair, beige or creamish skin – be careful during taking sunbathes since it’s typical for this type of skin to get sunburned therefore, protection provided by SPF 30 creams is very important. The colour of eyes and hair of people belonging to the second phototype are various.

phototype III: fair brown, golden or olive complexion – this type of skin gets suntanned fairly well and isn’t rather affected by sunburns. However, since it’s better to be safe than sorry, it’s a good idea to apply a sunscreen containing at least SPF 30. There is no rule stating what colour of hair and eyes the third phototype people have.

phototype IV: caramel or brown skin – it’s easy for the skin to get suntanned without being sunburned. Nevertheless, it’s still worth protecting the skin with a sunscreen. This phototype is typical for people having brown hair, and hazel or brown eyes.

phototype V: brown skin – easy to get suntanned and is highly resistant to sunburns. For that reason, a sunscreen with SPF 15 will do. The fifth phototype belongs to people having dark hair, and brown or hazel eyes.

phototype VI: mahogany skin, of espresso or dark brown colour – it isn’t affected by sunburns and the tanning process is fast. Alike phototype V, phototype VI should be treated with a sunscreen of SPF 15. Skin of this kind belongs to people of dark hair and eyes.

Once you determine your phototype correctly, you’ll be able to get a foundation that matches your complexion right. However, if you still have problems with defining your skin’s phototype, conduct a few simple tests. Firstly, expose your skin to the sun. See if the veins located on your wrist have green or blue colour. Green-shaded veins suggest that your skin’s tone is warm whereas blue veins indicate cool tone. Another test is defining the beauty type. Measure the contrast your eyes and hair have to your skin. The greater the contrast the warmer your skin tone is. And the other way round; people having cool complexion have similar tones of hair, eyes and skin. Which beauty type are you? For example, spring is characterized by a clear contrast and warm skin shade. Summer lacks the contrast between skin, and hair and eyes. The complexion’s shade is described as rather cool. Autumn can be recognized by warm tones of skin and small contrast. Winter is a considerable contrast between hair, eyes and complexion that is accompanied by cool shades of skin.

Which beauty type are you?


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