Get the Ultimate Hydration! How to Keep Skin & Hair Fabulous & Healthy?

Moisturised skin is healthy skin. It refers to hair, too. If you want to keep youthful and healthily-looking, add proper products and beauty tricks to your daily care. There’s more to it, though. Planning on a professional beauty care? You must change your lifestyle and diet, let alone cosmetic accessories.

Let’s moisturise face, neck & cleavage

A moisturiser is a key skin product for face, neck and cleavage. You should start using it the moment you begin applying make-up. Skin and make-up products must go hand in hand. Which moisturiser to choose? Of course it depends on the skin type:

  • normal skin – your day skin products should have moisturising action: a toner, make-up remover, cleanser, micellar water, etc.;
  • skin prone to dryness and combination skin – a high-quality day and night moisturiser is a must-use for these skin types. Dry skin lacking sufficient care gets sensitive quickly whereas combination skin may get too dry or begin producing too much sebum;
  • mature skin – the right skin care must focus on moisturising, firming and fighting free radicals.

What to use to moisturise skin of face, neck and cleavage? The cosmetic market is abounding in products moisturising these body parts, including creams, serums, masks, essences and ampules. Use them every day to keep skin smooth, supple, healthy and resistant to harmful outside elements.

How to moisturise the body?

Skin should be moisturised after every shower or bath. Why? Products we use during the evening skin care routine disturb the hydro-lipid skin barrier, which may translate to skin irritation. If you have a feeling of tight, burning and dry skin, use a body butter, cream or balm immediately. Regular use of such products lets you rebuild the hydro-lipid barrier, moisturise and nourish the skin. Such products are usually filled with vitamins, minerals, oils and plant extracts. Dry oils make a great solution for an every-day skin care, being instantly absorbed after the application. If you want to make moisturizers work more quickly, use an exfoliator once a week to do away with dead skin cells, accelerate the absorption of ingredients and enhance the condition of skin.

Let’s moisturise hair & scalp

How do you know your hair is dry, weak and longs for immediate repair? It is very simple. Hair lacks natural shine, elasticity, it easily gets frizzy and static, hair ends are split. The state of hair gets worse due to several reasons:

  • harmful external factors (environmental pollution, smog, free radicals),
  • weather conditions (temperature changes, air humidity, UV radiation),
  • wrong hair and scalp care (overuse of some products or using ill-matched cosmetics),
  • too much of chemical processing (coloring, heat styling tools, procedures strongly weighing hair and scalp down).

How to care for damaged hair and irritated scalp? Choose products matching the needs and type of your hair. Set up a hair care schedule consisting of clarifying shampoo, moisturizing and nourishing with masks or conditioners, ampule treatments. Use shampoos or conditioners when your hair needs washing and apply the mask twice a week. Go through a hair ampule treatment when your hair is over-processed and needs an immediate repair. For even better effects, cut down on styling primers and heat styling devices.

Do you, girls, gift your hair & skin with maximum moisture?


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