How to apply Neonail hybrid? Mini manicure lesson with Neonail Boho


Hybrid manicure is considered as one of the most beautiful and the most durable types of decorating fingernails. In drugstores, there are many nail polishes to buy which deliver the very effect. The best thing about hybrid manicure is that despite being perceived as a professional way of nail decorating, you can do it on your own at home. Learn how to apply hybrid yourself, how the newest set by Neonail Boho look like and what its colour range is.

Neonail set

Neonail Boho contains seven hybrid nail polishes. These are: 5800-1 Turquoise Wave (I’d describe it as a shade of ashy turquoise with green tinge), 5601-1 Lavender Morning (fair lavender with pink tinge), 5602-1 Heather Kiss (fair violet), 5603-1 Violet Garden (I’d say it’s pure purple shade), 5604-1 Berry Flavor (vivid purple), 5605-1 Agitated Ocean (combination of turquoise and green) as well as 5606-1 Night Sky (intensive navy blue shade).

Colours of Neonail are very original and contain pigments; thanks to this, your hybrid manicure will be intensive and durable. Moreover, the nail polishes have brushes that are very easy to use. I like them because it was easy for me to apply the product even close to the edges of nails and cuticles. One layer of the polish gives 100% coverage without the smallest irregularities.

How to apply Neonail hybrid?

You’re going to need Neonail shades from Neonail Boho set (choose a few that you like the most), manicure accessories (nail clippers, a nail file, a wooden cuticle pusher), a nail plate degreasing lotion and a UV lamp. Start from making your nails ready for the procedure: push your cuticles back, cut them, file down, polish the nail plates, degrease them and put your hand under the lamp and keep it there for approximately 30 seconds.

What’s next? Coat the fingernails with a chosen colour: you can apply a few shades and decorate a few nails with one colour and the remaining with the other. Then, put your hand under the UV lamp to harden the nail polish. It’s time to decorate the nails. Take a dotter tool and a striper brush to paint the patterns you would like to wear. Once you are satisfied with the images you applied, put the nails under the UV lamp. Next, coat the fingernails with a thin layer of top coat which will provide manicure with shine and increase its durability. At the end, attach a few studs and apply oil to the cuticles. You know what? Your hybrid manicure with Neonail Boho are now ready!


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