Mascara vs. Lash Extensions. Which One Is Better? Which Do I Prefer?

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Today’s post is going to be about eyelashes because I know that every lady’s dream it to have beautifully defined eyes, right? The alternatives for achieving this beauty goal are at least a few, and therefore I thought that we should focus on the top two: mascara and lash extensions. Let’s find out which solution is better, shall we?

Stunning lashes – the symbol of femininity

It’s said that beautiful eyelashes are the symbol of femininity. It’s hard not to agree with this statement. Even I noticed that I feel better with defined eyelashes. Although it may sound ridiculous, I’m more self-confident when my lashes are long, fanned-out and defined.

No wonder why I keep testing novelties that promise to give a boost to my naturally thin and short lashes. By far there have been two winners: a good mascara and lash extensions.

Daily wear? Mascara

My choice for daily makeup is mascara, no doubts about it. I like the fact that defining lashes with mascara is super easy. To get the desired effect, you don’t need any specialized tools or gadgets – you don’t even need much time! Just grab a mascara tube, pull out the wand, place it near the base of lashes and wiggle it back and forth to apply even coat, and that’s it. Actually, I need to add that this is how application of a good mascara looks like; unfortunately, defining lashes with cheap mascara is often irksome.

To me, a good mascara is the one that comes with a silicone brush. I can’t imagine using these old-time traditional mascaras with nylon applicators. Even though a silicone brush adjusts to lashes better than others, it won’t give you the looked-for result if the mascara’s formula is bad – mascara must be pitch-black, silky smooth and clump-free.

Lashcode is my top choice, and this is a conditioning mascara that – despite being non waterproof – it remains on lashes unchanged throughout the entire day. This cosmetic also takes care of my lashes, making them stronger and naturally beautiful.

Important event? False extensions

It sometimes happens that the effect created by a mascara is a bit too subtle, so to say, and here are some big events like a banquet, New Year’s Eve parties, weddings that I need my lashes to be super thick and full-looking. For a date I also prefer wearing false extensions than just the mascara coats. Why? Because I haven’t found a mascara that would give me such a bold effect like falsies do. There are no limitations to lash extensions, meaning that you can have as long and as thick eyelashes as you only want to have on a particular day. Actually, you can even choose among various colors.

It’s worth realizing though that application of false extensions occupies a little bit more time, which applies mainly to the untrained. Attaching falsies isn’t as simple as applying mascara coats. Standard strip lashes have to be trimmed and shaped well so that they match the shape of your eyes. When it comes to individual flare lashes, their application is awfully time-consuming because you need to choose a few flares and put them on the lashes individually, flare by flare.

Mascara vs. false extensions

With all that I’ve just said, please don’t be mad but I can’t settle the dispute on which one is better – mascara or false eyelashes – simply because I use both of them interchangeably. Mascara is my daily lash enhancer whereas lash extensions give me the WOW effect whenever I need it. This works for me just perfectly, but you have to work out your own method to satisfy your needs. Let me just remind you that mascara’s quality must be high, and attaching false extensions requires a little bit of practice (and a good lash glue).


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