Mistakes in skin care that I’ve been making for years

If your skin is still far from perfect – despite the effort you put into the care, it’s possible that you are the one to blame for. Your mistakes mainly result from overeagerness, i.e. exaggerated hygiene, too frequent face cleansing and excessive drying or, on the contrary, oiling. Do you want to know what mistakes in skin care I have made for years? Maybe my experience will help you avoid many problems that I had to deal with.

Inappropriate care of the neck and cleavage

The skin of the neck and neckline is thin, which is why it ages quickly. That’s why you should not avoid these parts of the body during your daily care! Once you cleanse your face with a lotion or micellar liquid and pat the cream into it, do you remember that these cosmetics should also be applied to the neck and cleavage? It’s not like I forgot about it, I just never done it. I do not know why. I think I thought that the face cream is … for the face. Meanwhile, the care of the neck and cleavage will pay off in the future, so moisturize and massage it on a daily basis. Thanks to this, the skin in these areas, although susceptible to water loss, will remain firmer and more elastic for longer.

Poor selection of cosmetics

Cosmetics with a drying effect used on dry or sensitive skin, preparations that are too greasy and clog pores of oily skin, cosmetics that are not nutritious enough for dry skin and the lack of sun protection are just some of the most common care mistakes. Unfortunately, that’s how I treated my skin – I made it dry with too strong cosmetics and by exposing it to sun radiation.

Before you choose cosmetics, determine what your skin type is. Do not borrow anything from your sister, do not give in to the persuasion of a friend who has a different type of complexion, and do not believe blindly in what it is said in advertisements.

If you use anti-wrinkle creams, and do not protect the skin from the sun, you may as well ignore anti-aging prophylaxis. Regular use of sunblock not only prevents sunburns but also delays skin aging and protects it from discoloration.

Excessive drying of oily skin

Oily skin requires thorough cleansing – both in the morning and in the evening. We want to prevent it from becoming oily, which is manifested by an unsightly glow, we tend to reach for cosmetics with drying out ingredients that force the skin to intensify the production of sebum. So the more we try to counteract greasy skin, the more the skin becomes oily.

Change tactics and replace alcohol-based cosmetics with preparations dedicated to oily and combination skin.

A mistaken belief that oily skin does not need moisturizing

If you also think so, your skin will prove to you that you are wrong. Moisten it regularly, if you do not want it to secrete excessive amounts of sebum. Apply moisturizing creams for oily skin – both day and night. At night, choose nutritional creams that regenerate and nourish the skin.

Skipping exfoliating scrubs and masks

Scrubs and masks are necessary for every complexion, regardless of the type. If your skin tends to acne, do not use coarse peels and replace them with enzyme peels or microdermabrasion. This way you will avoid irritation, spreading inflammation and expanding your pores.

In drugstores, you will find a huge selection of masks designed for different types of skin. Use them according to the instructions on the packaging.

Furthermore, you can prepare scrubs and face masks yourself. The Internet is a great source of ideas where you will find a lot of interesting recipes for homemade cosmetics.

Washing (dry) facial skin with soap and water

Washing the skin with only water and soap, especially if it is dry, is a serious sin. It causes drying of already dry skin or increased production of sebum of oily skin. For this reason, use micellar liquids, lotions and toners instead of water.

Mechanical face cleansing 

Popping blackheads and pimples is dangerous because it cannot only cause the spread of inflammation, but it also breaks the continuity of the skin, which results in scars. Even beauty salons are not so eager for mechanical facial cleansing! When you notice imperfections on your face, treat them with a product with a drying and healing effect.

Such properties are offered by zinc ointments and tamanu oil, which are able to heal acne when applied as a spot treatment. However, remember that this is an ad hoc method; to cure acne, you need to get help from a dermatologist.

Changing cosmetics too often

If you are obsessively testing out new cosmetics, take control! To assess the effects of a given preparation, you must use it for at least 3 months. Of course, if it irritates or sensitizes you, leave it at once.

Not applying the cream under the eyes

Many women do not use under-eye creams and replace them with face creams. This is a big mistake! The skin under the eyes is several dozen times thinner, more delicate and sensitive than the skin of the face, and thus – it ages faster. For this reason, after the age of 20, applying a cream to the eye area becomes a daily duty.

Do you make any of the care mistakes listed by me? Maybe in the past, you have committed other one? Please, share your experience in the comments!


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