My make-up removal routine. How I cleanse and take care of skin

Hello Girls,

Probably all of you know that removing make-up is extraordinarily important. If you devote enough time in the evening to this procedure, that’s good. If not, work on it. In the meantime, I’m going to present you my set dedicated to freeing the face from the colour cosmetics. You’ll learn my way of cleansing and taking care of face skin.

Eye and lip make-up removal

In order to remove my eye and lip make-up I use one of Sisley’s preparation. The cosmetic has 125 ml capacity and I find it super-efficient. It has a light formula thanks to which the cosmetic doesn’t irritate yet, cleanses skin effectively. It contains panthenol as well as chamomile, loggerhead, gardenia and orange blossom extracts. It moisturises lips and the eyelid skin. Moreover, Sisley’s preparation delivers the sensation of fresh skin, can be used to the sensitive area of eyes and is perfect for people wearing contact lenses. How do I use Sisley’s product? I take a cotton pad and pour a few drops of the cosmetic onto it. After that, I press the cotton pad to the eyes. I never rub my eyelids nor lips strongly. Skin of these face parts is very sensitive, therefore, it’s easy to irritate it. I use separate cotton pads to each of the eyes and lips.

Face make-up removal

I cleanse my face using SuperCleanse foam by Glamglow. What’s interesting, the cosmetic is destined for woman and men. It’s formula is gentle, and when in contact with water, it transforms into foam. It dissolves any kind of make-up, removes impurities, cleanses skin form the excess of sebum, and unclogs skin pores. After more or less two months of use, I noticed that the cosmetic soothed all inflammations and healed up a few acnes. What’s important to mention, Glamglow contains clays originating from the Mediterranean sea, bamboo charcoal, glycyrrhiza root and black zira extracts, glycolic and lactic acid as well as eucalyptus leaf powder. How do I use SuperCleanse? First of all, I squeeze three pumps of the cosmetic. Next, I apply them to my slightly damp face and massage for a few minutes. Thanks to this, foam creates which I rinse with lukewarm water afterwards. I make my face dry with a paper towel.

Face toning

Perfectly Clean by Estee Lauder removes all impurities and residues of make-up that Sisley and Glamglow haven’t removed. I use it at the very end of my evening routine. This toner does two things, it nourishes and exfoliates skin. It’s recommended to all skin types; I use it morning and evening. The best about the product is the fact that it delays the signs of ageing, moisturises face skin deeply and relieves any irritations your face has. How do I use Perfectly Clean by Estee Lauder? I damp a cotton pad with the cosmetic and then I wipe my face, neck and cleavage with it. I skip eye and lip skin area.

What about you girls? How does your make-up removal procedure look like? What cosmetics do you use?


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