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I am sure that a majority of you use some natural oils in your daily care. You apply it to the hair, use during a body massage, apply to the face as a serum, or use it to enhance the skin in the eye area. Does it ever happen that the same oil works differently as a hair mask and brings completely distinct effects when applied to the facial skin? In my case, it is a very common issue, for instance, I love what coconut oil does to my face but it’s terrible as a hair conditioner! It makes my hair frizzy and weirdly stiff. On the other hand, flaxseed oil is too comedogenic for my complexion, it clogs pores and instead of helping – it makes things worse. However, when it comes to the hair care, flaxseed oil is just incredible! It leaves my hair shiny, moisturized, improves elasticity. If you do not want to experience similar beauty fails, just go ahead and read my ‘oil handbook’. After a thorough analysis, I am now confident about how to match oils to the hair and face. Let’s get started!

Natural oils – how to choose them?

In general, the hair must receive a proper, on-point care. When it comes to oils, it’s similar to other hair care cosmetics, therefore, products with larger molecular mass will simply overburden the strands. This is why must match natural oils in terms of particle size to match a given hair porosity, in other words, it the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture.

Simply speaking, the drier and more damaged the hair, the more gaps and holes in the cuticle. In this case, larger oil particles are necessary to nourish and regenerate it properly.

The key to selecting the right oil are fatty acids – they must be in accordance with the hair porosity.

What’s the right way of choosing a hair oil?

I am hoping that this list will help you!

  • Hair that is thick, heavy, bleached and oily is referred to as low porosity hair. For the care, it’s best to use: castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter, babassu.
  • Thin, tangled hair, thinning, prone to frizz and dull, with slightly dry ends, is called the medium porosity hair. Actually, there are no major problems with this hair type, you can easily describe it as “normal”, but inappropriate care can quickly increase either its oiliness or dryness. For proper care, go for: argan oil, macadamia oil, baobab seed oil, camellia oil, hazelnut oil, buriti oil, sweet almond oil.
  • Hair dry, damaged, falling out, brittle, stiff, lacking elasticity and radiance – it is the description of high porosity hair that needs constant care and regeneration. For the care of such hair, you will need: safflower oil, linseed oil, evening primrose oil, wheat germ oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil. 

You can buy these oils separately and use them individually, or find a well-balanced and properly-selected oil blend – this way, you will provide your hair with the best care, because the selection of oils will supplement each other properties and provide various sets of vitamins.

Face oils – which ones are worth recommending?

It would be best, if you didn’t apply oils with large particles to your face as they have comedogenic properties. There is also a group of oils that are unbeatable in terms of facial skin care. They are rich in sterols and flavonoids, provide rejuvenating qualities and do not overburden the skin. Such oils, when used on a daily basis, delay skin aging processes, improve skin elasticity, prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin. They include:

  • passion fruit oil,
  • raspberry seed oil,
  • fig prickly oil,
  • chia seed oil,
  • plum seed oil,
  • argan oil,
  • jojoba oil,
  • shea butter.

This list is a collection of oils with the strongest regenerating qualities. They will be suitable not just for the care of mature skin but also acne-prone and oil because they regulate sebum secretion and do not clog pores.

I hope that today’s post helped you choose the right oil for your face and hair care. Do you know any others that are worth recommending? Do you use natural oils on a daily basis? How do they affect your hair, body, and face? Maybe you know some reliable recipes for homemade oil-based masks? Please, share your experience and ideas in the comments! 🙂


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