Natural Toners? YES! See for yourself how they work

A toner made of natural ingredients? Of course!

for the past several weeks, I have been testing new solutions in skin care. Eco care and all the hassle about organic products have apparently got to me as well. I am passionately looking for substitutes for drugstore products. This post is devoted to my discoveries regarding face toners. Keep on reading!

Face Toner – it is an essential cosmetic that helps to purify the skin from dust and debris. Why use toners, since we have make-up removal gels, cleansing scrubs, facial cleansing sponges? the answer is simple, toners balance the pH level of the skin, which may change, for example, after using a specific face wash. An acid-alkaline balance is essential to maintain the beauty and health of the skin, so I encourage you to apply toners on a daily basis.

Of course, you can buy a toner in a drugstore, however, there is no guarantee that it will be suitable for our complexion and will bring 100% benefits. Keep that in mind!

Why is a natural toner better?

– Contains only natural, ingredients you all well know.

– Contains no harmful substances that could clog pores.

– Does not cause any irritations or allergic reactions because we know what’s in it.

– It is much safer and works in harmony with nature.

My favourite face toners


You can prepare it in three different ways:

• throw a few slices of washed lemon into a glass filled with boiled water and set aside for a few minutes;

• add freshly squeezed juice from one lemon to boiled water. It will be easier to squeeze the lemon after putting it in the microwave for a few (!) seconds;

• pour fresh cucumber juice to water with lemon juice and add one grated cucumber to make the toner richer.


I use this type of toner a little bit less often because chamomile is less popular and more difficult to obtain. The best natural face toner made of fresh chamomile, but the dried one is also tested and is available for purchase in almost every pharmacy. How to do it?

• Pour boiling water over a few tablespoons of dried chamomile or one sachet and set aside for infusion. Then, strain and cool down.

Using toners: I apply my natural toners every day after a thorough make-up removal and facial cleansing (using a face gel). I usually do this in the evening, and end my evening routine with wiping my face with a cotton pad soaked in one of the toners. They add freshness and soothe my tired skin after all day long. You can also use them in the morning to refresh the complexion and prepare for further cosmetics like creams and make-up.


Howdy my beautiful readers! My name is Anastasia and I'm more than happy to welcome you on my beauty blog. Since I love retro style and everything that is connected with it, I do my best to find old school cosmetics that are far from being artificial. Here, I'll share with you my findings to make our body, hair and skin care as natural as possible. Enjoy the reading!

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