Orphica Pure Eye Serum – Does it Work? Test, Effects, Reviews

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I have been testing Orphica Pure Eye Serum for a month now. It is time to face the truth – how it works & is it worth buying? How does my under-eye skin look after 4 weeks with Pure? Enjoy the review!

Orphica Pure Eye Serum – design, capacity & composition

Pure is a 15-ml serum in a small, milk-white, pipette bottle. It is packed in a fancy box and goes with a detailed leaflet concerning the ingredients and application. Why I fell for it? Mostly because of the ingredients and online reviews. On the official website, there are lots of positive things about the effects and working of the treatment. The bottle houses, among others:

  • Abyssinian Oil,
  • Sodium hyaluronate,
  • collagen,
  • elastin,
  • Algae extract,
  • Orange flower extract,
  • Pomegranate extract,
  • Safflower extract,
  • vitamins (A, E, B3),
  • Snail Slime Extract,
  • Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract.

No doubts about it, the ingredients make up a really impressive gang. An array of active substances, including the well-known snail slime, collagen, elastin and less known Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract which has brilliant skin tightening, rejuvenating and firming properties (it is also known as the herbal botox). I’m not sure if the ingredients are worth that price but I decided to go for broke – made my wallet slimmer and got Pure Eye Serum.

Orphica Pure Eye Serum – how it works?

Serum is said to give spectacular results, or:

  • eliminate under-eye dark circles and puffiness,
  • slightly illuminate skin,
  • visibly reduce wrinkles.

It works, I’d say, comprehensively. Remedy for everything. Tbh, you can’t settle for less for such a price. Additionally, Pure enhances skin hydration, reinforces hydro-lipid barrier and saves from the action of free radicals. It tightens, regenerates, firms up under-eye skin and gifts the look with shine and freshness. Does the serum deliver on all of the promises?

Orphica Pure Eye Serum – how to use?

You apply Pure to clean, make-up-free skin under eyes and on the upper eyelid, using a pipette. Applying a few drops to skin and gently massaging it using circular motions will do. The serum should be used once a day, preferably before sleep – the skin will be nourished and regenerated by the power of active ingredients included in the product. Pure has a lightweight, slightly gel formula, has a pretty nice scent and is fast-absorbing.

That’s the theory. That’s what I did for 4 weeks systematically. An evening make-up removal, serum under eyes and on eyelids, sleep. So, what’s happened to the skin? Let me share the details 🙂

Orphica Pure Eye Serum – results, reviews

I’d never had problems with puffy eyes so I can’t say if Pure eliminates such ailments. I sometimes experienced under-eye dark circles – just after one sleepless night or too little sleep. I must admit that the purple shadows didn’t affect my skin since I started using Pure Serum. In this category, the serum does quite well. Too bad, I saw no illumination effect. To be honest, I hoped my skin would be non-stop moisturised and supple. On the other hand, there were days when it looked tragic. It definitely longed for an extra product for gentle protection from the outside. Pure is totally absorbed so the skin is not at all protected. Sometimes my skin looked worryingly dry and lacking bounce.

Indeed, my skin was often smooth and radiant after waking up (maybe that was what the producer meant by illumination). Still, before the noon came, it was getting tired-looking and dry plus a net of wrinkles under my eyes. Wrinkles… Does Pure Serum really make them less visible? In my case: NOPE. Unfortunately, I noticed neither increased elasticity nor the improvement in skin suppleness. It didn’t change one iota about the appearance of my wrinkles either.

Summing up: under-eye skin illumination plus elimination of dark circles and (potential) puffiness without providing hydration, suppleness and elasticity seem like too little for such a pricey serum, right? Generally – I’m a bit disappointed. I don’t know why Orphica Pure Eye Serum turned out to be failure. It might be wrong choice of ingredients or too weak concentration of substances… it may contain ingredients that disturb the work of active components (I noticed squalane which seems to make no sense considering delicate under-eye skin lacking sebum glands, and a few synthetics which have doubtfully positive effect on the fragile area around eyes). There is one sure thing: I’m not going to spend such a sum of money on the product delivering inadequate effects. Of course, I’ll give it a second chance and use the bottle up but I don’t hope for the sudden miraculous improvement.

Have you come across Pure Orphica Serum? Did it work for you? Begging for your comments 🙂


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