Project Pan. Colour and care cosmetic

Hello girls,

Over a few recent months I was testing, applying, using and finally used up four products. Now, it’s time for the Project Pan. Today I’m going to share with you my opinion about four colour and care cosmetics that have finished lately. Enjoy the reading!

Eclat Lumiere Chanel Concealer

Eclat Lumiere is a concealer in the form of a marker. It’s designed for normal skin, but I think that it will serve sensitive and delicate skin as well. I was highly satisfied with the effects the marker gave me, it was easy to apply and managed to camouflage all skin imperfections. The concealer hid all blemishes, spots, discolorations, moles and dark circles under eyes. The product contains highlighting pigments which turned my skin into being more radiant, smoother and younger. Furthermore, Eclat Lumiere Chanel has vitamin C, which additionally nourished and took care of my face and combated free radicals. The cosmetic is really tiny therefore I could put it into my purse and carry it always we me anywhere I went. To sum up, if you’re looking for a perfect concealer, I can recommend you to use Eclat Lumiere by Chanel. It should serve you right.

J’adore Dior Fragrance

Definitely, this is my favourite fragrance. This product was exceptionally durable and the smell was just out of this world. Also, the phial improved look of my dressing table. Will I buy this perfume again? Probably not unless I win a lottery. J’adore by Dior is very, very expensive. But coming back to the fragrance itself, what notes is it composed of, you wonder. We can sense Jasminum angustifolium, damask rose and polianthes. The aroma of the perfumes is really intensive, long-lasting and beautiful. Just a few drops are enough to wear the fragrance all day.

Cleanology Dr Irena Eris Toner

A little bit less effective was Dr Irena Eris toner that belongs to Cleanology series. It is destined to dry and sensitive skin. According to the producer, the cosmetic’s action is moisturising, freshening up and smoothing. I felt only freshening up and delicate invigoration on my skin. The product removes all impurities but it’s hard to remove sebum and make-up. The toner is supposed to be applied to already washed face and neck, every morning, before putting on a cream and foundation. The toner goes with a pump dispenser which facilitates every single application.

Collistar Special Perfect Body Firming Shower Oil

Another cosmetic that rather didn’t meet my expectations was Shower Oil by Collistar. It was supposed to frim my body but all it did was cleansing, washing and moisturising the skin. The product can be used by anyone, regardless of the skin type. Certainly, the cosmetic’s plus is the capacity – the packaging stores 400 ml of the shower oil. Collistar Special Perfect Body Firming Shower Oil smells good and foams well. It contains vegetable extracts, including lime flower and rose flower.


Howdy my beautiful readers! My name is Anastasia and I'm more than happy to welcome you on my beauty blog. Since I love retro style and everything that is connected with it, I do my best to find old school cosmetics that are far from being artificial. Here, I'll share with you my findings to make our body, hair and skin care as natural as possible. Enjoy the reading!

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